SurveilStar Online Guide

A complete online guide that shows you how powerful SurveilStar is!

SurveilStar User Manual Screen Playback SurveilStar User Manual
Screen Playback SurveilStar User Manual

1. Installation and Deployment

1.1 Installing SurveilStar Server 1.2 Installing SurveilStar Console 1.3 Installing SurveilStar Agent
1.4 Uninstalling SurveilStar Server/Console/Agent 1.5 Register SurveilStar and Upgrade License 1.6 Upgrading SurveilStar to Latest Version

2. SurveilStar Console

2.1 Log on SurveilStar Console 2.2 Chief introduction of SurveilStar Console 2.3 Computer and User
2.4 Basic Control 2.5 Auxiliary Functions  

3. Statistics

3.1 Application Statistics 3.2 Web Statistics 3.3 Traffic Statistics

4. Various logs

4.1 Basic Event Logs 4.2 Application Logs 4.3 Web Logs
4.4 Document Logs 4.5 Shared File Logs 4.6 Printing Logs
4.7 Asset Change Logs 4.8 Policy Logs 4.9 System Event Logs

5. Policies and advanced policies

5.1 General Introduction of Polices 5.2 Basic Policy 5.3 Device Policy
5.4 Application Policy 5.5 Website Policy 5.6 Screen Snapshot Policy
5.7 Logging Policy 5.8 Remote Control Policy 5.9 Agent Configuration Policy
5.10 Alert Policy 5.11 Bandwidth Policy (Advanced) 5.12 Network Policy (Advanced)
5.13 Email Policy (Advanced) 5.14 IM File Policy (Advanced) 5.15 Upload Control Policy (Advanced)
5.16 Document Policy (Advanced) 5.17 Print Policy (Advanced) 5.18 Watermark Settings Policy (Advanced)

6. Monitoring

6.1 Screen Snapshot Monitoring (Real-time) 6.2 Instant Message Monitoring 6.3 Email Monitoring
6.4 Multi-screen Monitoring (Real-time) 6.5 Search Screen History 6.6 View Screen History

7. Maintenance and remote control

7.1 Computer Maintenance 7.2 Remote Control and Remote File Transfer  

8. Assets Management

8.1 Assets Classes Management 8.2 Hardware and Hardware Changes 8.3 Software and Software Changes
8.4 Custom Assets    

9. Classes management

9.1 Application Categories 9.2 Website Categories 9.3 Time Types Categories
9.4 IP's Categories 9.5 Ports Categories  

10. Surveilstar Tools

10.1 Re-logon and Change Password 10.2 Email Notification Settings 10.3 Accounts
10.4 Computers Management 10.5 Alert 10.6 Server Management
10.7 Agent Tools 10.8 Options  

Flexible License to Meet Your Requirements

Free Trial
Free Trial

SurveilStar is available for free trial. Try full function to monitor 5 computers for 30-days. Fully evaluate and review SurveilStar before you make up your mind to deploy it or not.

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Free Support & Upgrade

Any enquiry before or after purchasing will be welcome. And it's one-time purchase, any function and software upgrade are free of charge. No extra cost is needed.

Easy Extension
Easy Extension

You can easily monitor more computers by upgrading existed license whenver it's necessary. There is no money waste and it fully depends on your need.

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