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SurveilStar Online User Manual

1. Installation and Deployment
1.1 Installing SurveilStar Server 1.2 Installing SurveilStar Console
1.3 Installing SurveilStar Agent 1.4 Uninstalling SurveilStar Server, Console or Agent
1.5 Register SurveilStar and Upgrade License 1.6 Upgrading SurveilStar to Latest Version
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SurveilStar Computer Monitoring Documentations

SurveilStar User Manual Screen Playback SurveilStar User Manual
Screen Playback SurveilStar User Manual
How to Guides Screen Playback How to deploy SurveilStar PC Monitoring Software
Screen Playback How to deploy SurveilStar PC Monitoring Software
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can SurveilStar do for me?

SurveilStar records and controls almost every activity of computer and Internet - emails, websites, instant messages, program activities, document operations, removable devices, printers, and many more. You can also watch real-time screen snapshots and remotely control computers in order to stop sabotage or data theft in time.

What's the benefit of using SurveilStar?

SurveilStar is a monitoring software which is designed for employee monitoring, parental control, preventing identity theft... purposes. It can benefit your company, family, government, school, even non-profit agents in (1) Protecting intellectual property and commercial secrets. (2) Preventing and stop sabotage and information theft. (3)Preventing Internet/email abuse. (4) Reducing workplace/home place slackers. (5)Improving efficiency and productivity

Can I install SurveilStar to employee's computer without be known?

Yes. You can install the SurveilStar monitoring Agent to employees' computers in stealth mode. You can even deploy the monitoring system in remote mode. The monitoring application installed in the employee's computer will run in backstage, and the data transfer between monitoring Agent and Server is carried out in stealth mode.

Can SurveilStar be circumvented?

No. SurveilStar monitoring Agent does not show up as an icon, does not appear in the Windows system tray, does not appear in Windows Programs, and does not show up in the Windows task list. Only IT manager or supervisor with administrator privilege can uninstall SurveilStar monitoring Agent. Unauthorized users cannot uninstall SurveilStar or delete history records.

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How-to Guides

How to deploy SurveilStar monitoring software? How to register &upgrade SurveilStar to the latest version?
How to monitor employees' PC/Internet activities in real time? How to conduct perfect computer/Internet surveillance

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Free Trial

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Easy Extension

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