Computer Screen Capturing & Monitoring

Screen Snapshot Monitoring will never fail to flexibly monitor employees' use of computer and record all activities, allowing IT manager to watch video-like screen snapshots in real-time as if they were standing right there.

Screen Snapshot Monitoring

Click menu Monitoring > Screen Snapshot, then select a certain computer, and SurveilStar will show a picture of the entire screen and display exact actions immediately.

Below is a screen snapshot example of monitored computer.

Example of Screen Snopshot Monitoring

There are five buttons on the upper right corner of data display area:

Save Current Frame button Save current frame. The current screen snapshot can be saved as JPG or BMP files. Click the button, then give a file name, choose a type and a detailed location for the frame you want to save.

Sessions buttonSessions. If a computer is logged in two or more users or a user logs on to two or more computers at the same time, the administrator can choose anyone to view a screenshot via the session button.

Fit Size buttonFit size. Display the screen snapshot in an appropriate size to the window.

Original Size button Original size. Display the screen snapshot in its original size.

Track button Stop track. If you click this button, screen snapshots will automatically refresh and display. You can check and modify the interval of tracing frames by Tools > Options > information.

Right-click the frame anywhere and you can choose Fit to Window, Original Size, Trace and Full Screen instead buttons above.

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