Email Monitoring & Email Recording

SurveilStar Employee Monitoring Software can record outgoing and incoming mails through E-mail tools on client machines including time, type, sender, receiver, subject, attachment, size and contents, to help standardize content of emails and protect enterprise's internal data security but would not affect normal use of the mail.

Email Monitoring

Click menu Monitoring > Email, then select a certain computer or a group and specify search conditions including time and range, email type, send or receive, email address, subject, content, attachment and size.

Search Email Monitoring

Email Type: Type of email is simply divided into: SMTP/POP3 Email, Webmail, Exchange Email and Lotus Notes Email. It’s all by default and you can choose one certain type to quickly search mails you want.

Send/Receive: Search and scan sending mails or receiving mails only.

Email Address: Search mails sending and receiving of specified email address.

Subject: Search mails according to the specified keywords in subject.

Content: Search mails according to the specified keywords in contents.

Attachment: Check this option if you only want to search mails with attachment, and you can specify keywords of name of attachment to search mails you want. If not, all mails, with or without attachment will be shown.

Size: Set range of email size and search mails according to size of them.

After specifying your search conditions, click Search button to view the result. Below is a search result example of Email Monitoring. Click Previous or Next button at the right upper corner to view previous or next email monitoring records.

Example of Email Monitoring

Email Sending Records about sending mails.

Email Receiving Records about receiving mails.

Email Has Attachment Has attachment.

Email Sending Click this icon to view or save attachment files.

Right-click on an email monitoring record and you can view property with information in detail as picture below.

View Instant Message Monitoring Property

Please note that:

Email monitoring supports SMTP/POP3 Email, Webmail, Exchange Email and Lotus Notes Email. It will record mails sending and receiving of SMTP/POP3 and Exchange mails, and will only record mails sending but not receiving of Webmail and Lotus Notes Email currently.

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