View Screen History

After you create a screen snapshot policy and set it to Record mode, screen snapshot will be taken and stored every once in a while . Once you have selected Search Screen History and found records you want, double-click a certain item or choose one and then click View button would turn on the screen history viewer with very detailed information about history of screen snapshot.

Interface of screen history viewer

Double-click a certain item or choose one and then click View button when searching screen history.

Screen history viewer is very intuitive and easy-to-use, and comes with powerful search functions. As to screen history viewer's interface, please refer to the picture below.

Example of Searching Screen History

1. Menu: Entries to all screen history viewer’s functions.

2. Tool Bar: Entries to the most widely used functions in screen history viewer.

3. Search Field: Choose search conditions including Application, User and Screen to quickly locate screenshot you need.

4. Time Scales: Time scales of screen history.

5. Screen display area: Display history of screen snapshot.

Click menu Tools > Save As Video Files, and then you can export screen history into video files to your computer.

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