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How to Protect Children from Online Gambling

Online gambling is a general term for gambling using the Internet which is very popular but also harmful. As a parent, how to prevent youtr children from online gambling? With SurveilStar, you can resovle this problem easily.    

SurveilStar -- Parental Control Software for Protecting Children from Online Gambling

Children can stumble upon gambling sites as they try to search for online games. While this type of game is legal, it is not for minors. Video game sites differ a lot from online gambling sites because gambling usually involves money-winning or losing it. It is then your responsibility to ensure that your child will never gain access to this type of websites. SurveilStar Parental Control can help you to protect your children from online gambling.

Online Gambling

Online gambling is a general term for gambling using the Internet. On the internet there is lots of games which are similar to gambling .While this type of game is legal, it is not for minors. Video game sites differ a lot from online gambling sites because gambling usually involves money-winning or losing it. The internet is most attractive thing for youngster. They easily attract towards the internet. The young people use and understand the internet more than their parents, thus they frequently access online gaming sites and play online games and invest their parents money and use their parents' credit cards – often without their parents knowledge or permission – to start an online gaming account. Here the following are catagories of online gambling.

categories of online gambling are:

  • Online poker;
  • Online casinos;
  • Online sports betting;
  • Online bingo;
  • Online lotteries;

Recent research on seventh- to 12th-graders in Oregon indicates that students who gamble are two to three times more likely to consume alcohol, take drugs, have sex or become violent. Other research shows that suicide attempts among pathological gamblers are higher than for all other addictions. Clearly, gambling is not innocent entertainment for children; it's a gateway to addiction. As a parent, it is then your responsibility to ensure that your child will never gain access to this type of online gambling websites.

Some News on Online Gambling

SurveilStar allows you to block entire categories of websites (such as pornography, gambling sites, time-wasting sites) so that you can control your children web surfing activity to keep them focused where they should be. With SurveilStar Parental Control, you can protect your children from online gambling.

Online Gambling Now Legal In United States : Children Beware!

Focus on the Family and other religious conservative groups looking to protect minors from gambling online need beware. Publicly traded American companies offer gambling to law abiding citizens; and it is all perfectly legal.

No restrictions on funding are implemented and any child who has access to their mother or father's wallet and a credit card bill can easily open up an account.

These poor parents who lack oversight of their children, along with the average American who has the unfortunate gene that makes them susceptible to gamble online, are in trouble.

Fatal Statistics

♣ According to the Oregon State Department of Human Services, one in ten teens is at risk for developing a gambling problem. And one in every 25 is a problem gambler.

♣ A 1998 Oregon State Lottery study found that 19% of Oregon youths had gambled in a casino, with 12 percent having done so in the past year. The study, which was paid for by the Oregon State Lottery and the Spirit Mountain Casino, identified four percent of the state’s adolescents - about 13,000 - as problem gamblers. Another 11 percent showed signs of being compulsive gamblers.

♣ Research indicates that 60-90 percent of youth engage in gambling, and that youth problem gambling rates are 2-4 times higher than those of adults. Surveys of Oregon teens tell us drugs, alcohol and gambling often travel together, yet many parents see gambling as a relatively safe pastime and encourage it as an alternative activity.

Tips for Parents Preventing Kids from Online Gambling

Here are some tips for parents about how to prevent children from online gambling.

What Parents Can Do

1. Before you even allow your child to play online, you have to set clear rules on which sites are allowed and which are not. This will significantly limit where you child will play as well as the games that they will play. Impose hard sanctions for any violations so that your child will know that you mean business.

2. You have to remind your kids that it is illegal for minors such as them to engage in gambling online. You can also educate your kids on the nature of online gambling and how it works. Explain to them that these are businesses that are operated online and that these sites take in more money than they actually pay out so there's no point in gambling as you will have very less chances of winning the prize pot.

3. Monitor your credit card and always ensure that your child never uses your credit card without your knowledge or permission. In order to participate in gambling sites, credit cards are often required and if left unmonitored, your kids can incur huge debts online and ruin your credit rating. It's just like being a victim of identity theft only this time, your child was the one who used your credit card without your authorization.

4. You have to actively participate in your child's gaming experience. This is not something that your child would obviously want you to do, especially when they are older and they have friends over your place to play. However, playing with your kids can help you bond with your child as you spend quality time together, doing something that your child really enjoys. While having fun, you can monitor your child's activity online with a Parental Control Software so you will never worry that they will be sneaking into gambling sites when you are not looking.

SurveilSatr -- Protect Your Children from Online Gambling

One of the major concerns of anti-online gambling activists is that children, especially teenagers, may be able to play in online casinos. Not only is the concern that the children will place bets online and lose money, it is also that they will become addicted to gambling at a young and impressionable age. Parents are also concerned that their children may become involved in online gambling, and find it very difficult to monitor their children's Internet usage.

So if you are really concerned about preventing your children's from online gambling you can install computer monitoring software like SurveilStar this is a parental control software solution and will help you track emails, IM’s, chats, social networking, websites visited, images viewed, etc.

To start an all-out strategic battle to protect my kids from online gambling, while still letting them safely enjoy the games and resources that are available on the Internet, SurveilStar is the perfect solution that can be used for filtering web site content and monitoring the web sites my kids are viewing on the Internet:

Parental Control Software to Block Online Gambling Websites

SurveilStar, can be used by concerned parents in order to block gambling sites from their underage children. Surveilstar Block online gambling Sites Software allows you to protect your children from widespread pernicious Internet content. It filters web sites containing online gambling, pornographic, satanic, extremist, etc. information. You can receive a full copy of your child computer's screen at the moment of blocking. It shows high performance in blocking online gambling sites. This wonderful block online gambling sites software supports user-defined URL and keywords block. It works quitely in the background when surfing on the internet. No Process will be found when running. On the Simple user interface, you keep the online gambling sites far away from your computer with just a few setting steps. It is The most easy-to-use block-online-gambling-sites software.

Experts believe that the best way to protect children from online gambling is for parents to take the initiative and use software such as SurveilStar. It is certainly preferable to protect children in this way, instead of at the expense of responsible adults by having governments enforce online gambling censorship.

Child Protection Software -- SurveilStar

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t have to spy on your kids while they’re online. But using Internet communication tools such as social networking, chat rooms, e-mail, and instant messaging can put children at potential risk of any online dangers such cyber bullying, predators, online gambling and video game additction and etc. You can't watch your kids 100% of the time that they're on the computer, but it's helpful to have the ability to track their Internet activity when you're not around, as well as other types of computer usage such as IM chats and email.

SurveilStar Parental Control will take screenshots of your system every few seconds, and then lets you view it in a video-like display whenever you want to check up on your kid's computer activities. Besides, it will logs all computer activities including startup/shutdown, logon/logoff, hardware changes, software changes, application usages, website, document, printing, shared file logs, email send/receive, instant messages, application statistics, web statistics, traffic statistics, and more!

With Surveilstar Parental Software, you can protect your children from online gambling and any other cyber dangers. And you also know exactly where your kinds are surfing online & what kind of content they are trying to access. It is really a trustworthy online safeguard for your kids!

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