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Compatible systems: Win2000 SP4 / XP SP2 / 2003 SP1 / Vista / 2008 / Win7 / 8

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Introducing SurveilStar Web Monitor

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SurveilStar Activity Monitor is a 30-day free web activity monitoring application. It specializes in monitoring, recording and controlling Internet activities, including website visits, emails sent and received, MSN Messages, and file transferred via the Internet.

SurveilStar Activity Monitor can be either installed on a hub server to monitor the entire local area network, or installed on a single computer to monitor web activities on that computer.

IT structure of SurveilStar Web Monitor

Learn how to install SurveilStar Web Monitor

Features of SurveilStar Activity Monitor

Wanna know what your employees are doing duration the work time? In many workplaces, employees need internet to investigate the market for a product, or contact a business partner using emails or MSN, or promote on forums and marketing platforms. However, some of the users may take time out to view YouTube videos, twitter, facebook or other social networking websites, send mails to non-business persons. Want to find an employee monitoring application but most of them are expensive? Do not hesitate any more, try SurveilStar PC Monitor. It provides 30-day full trial for monitoring 5 PCs.

SurveilStar PC Monitor can be also used for parental control and checking spouse loyalty.

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What can SurveilStar Activity Monitor do?

Excellent Free Employee Monitoring Solution

SurveilStar Web Monitor takes the recorded Internet activities from each of your employees, feeds that information into a database and provides you with reports and customization to answer questions like:

SurveilStar PC Monitor provides a powerful solution for web activity monitoring and controlling. This 30-day free web activity monitoring software can record visited websites, incoming and outgoing emails with detailed content and attachments, downloaded and uploaded FTP files and all sent and received MSN messages. SurveilStar Activity Monitor can also help you to block internet connections including Web, Email and FTP.

Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, or YouTube … Whatever website they visited, SurveilStar Web Activity Monitor records the website browsing history. Visiting time, visited URL, page title, page size and even the web host are recorded. It's convenient for later review.

SurveilStar Web Activity Monitor supports POP3, SMTP, IMAP and web mails. Any incoming and outgoing emails will be recorded with its file attachments, if any. This feature is very critical for protecting corporate data. The search features makes it easy to find emails by sender, receiver, subject, content, date range or folder name.

Files uploaded or downloaded through the network including browsers, FTP clients, will also be recorded. The web monitor can keep a copy of the file for backup and later review.

It can also restrict internet access of specified computers based on the rules set by user to prevent leakage of sensitive data or abuse of Internet access.

Web pages, files uploaded or downloaded, emails and email attachments, all information that comes in or goes out of the network will be taken down and archived by SurveilStar Activity Monitor, the loyal web watcher that helps safeguard your business. Administrator can retrieve the archived data at any time if necessary.

The report and export features make it even easier to review your employees' Internet and email activities.

SurveilStar Web Activity Monitor provides a dynamic solution for monitoring only those who need to be monitored. SurveilStar Web Monitor can restrict internet access of specified computers based on the rules set by IT administrator. It's totally up to you.

And the Web Activity Monitor system can be protected by password, only IT administrator, supervisors and those who are authorized by administrator can access to the monitoring system.

Free Parental Control Software for parents

Surveilstar Activity Monitor can be installed on a single machine to monitor your child's web activity. With this 30-day free parental control software, parents can know their children better and lead them to grow up normally.

SurveilStar Activity Monitor help the parents to keep their children from online predators and know them better about:

Check your spouse loyalty

Surveilstar Activity Monitor can be also used to check your spouse loyalty by viewing their chats and emails. With using SurveilStar Activity Monitor, you can know:


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