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IT Assets Management Software

SurveilStar is an incomplicated IT Assets Management Software tool enables you to get a grip on your hardware/software assets and IT asset changes. It can automatically detect systems vulnerabilities and updated patches, and provides effective solutions.    

SurveilStar -- Computer Assets Management

SurveilStar has an integrated Asset Management solution along with the basic help desk functions. With the integrated Asset Management, SurveilStar provides you with an accurate inventory of all the hardware, software assets in your organization. It automatically scans and updates every asset/nodes with an IP address within your network.

Monitor & manage hardware/software assets

Hardware like Processor, DVD drive, CD drive, keyboard, mouse, network adapters, printers … ,or software like ERP, accounting software, graphic tools, Office applications ... SurveilStar can record computer hardware and software assets information in details, of every single monitored computer.

Remoable drive EXE files Floppy printer DLL files Adobe Reader Office apps SQL Server

IT manager can control the use of these assets. If someone tries to add, delete or change these monitored assets, alert message can be sent to administrator, and control policies, such as Disable Device or Lock Computer, can be automatically triggered and applied to stop potential sabotage.

Manage computer assets