Application Activity

Do you know what your employees are working on?

Application Activity Monitoring

Easily block non-work related applications, review detailed application usage log with complete analysis report about application usage, and receive real-time alerts on unauthorized access.

Managers may concern about whether illegal software is being used within the company and illegal software is being used within the company. Improper use or management of application may not only affect staff’s productivity, the usage of resources, but also involve a violation of company regulation as well as the law.

  • Are there any applications that you do not want people to use, for example, BT, download tools, chat tools, and game software during office hours?
  • Would like to know if your employees are wasting time and lack of productivity?

SurveilStar Application Monitoring feature aims to control and monitor application usage. It provides system administrators with detailed logs, application statistics and complete analysis reports which can assist them in understanding user behaviour. Moreover, it is useful for management purpose. For example, its statistics will serve as a reference for answering issues like what applications should be controlled in order to increase work efficiency.

Record Detailed Application Logs

Once an application is launched, SurveilStar begins to record the details including start time, stop time, application name, appliation installation path, window title, etc.

  • Record what applications were used
  • Record changes of windows and titles, start time, end time, users, computers and paths
  • Provide powerful searching function for log enquiry

Manage Applications as Categories

Similar to website category, you can sort different applications into categories, such as games, entertainment, office, design, web, tools, IM, etc. according to your need.

Block Any Unwanted Applications

If you don't want your employees to run a certain application, Application policy is the right solution. You can block any unwanted applications by process name and application category. Wildcard is supported. For example, blocking any one of *tun*, itunes, iTunes.exe will lead to block iTunes. If you don't want your employees to chat in the working time, simply block the IM tools.

Flexible Application Control and Management

  • Limit the usage of inappropriate and non-work related applications/ application categories (e.g., AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Worldcraft)
  • Prohibit users from using specific applications or application categories during a specific time range
  • Send warning messages to users if they are trying to run unpermitted applications
  • Pop up alert messages if unauthorized users access to prohibited applications
  • Categorize all applications according to your management needs

Unique Application Statistics

  • Gather statistics on application usage by exe name, detailed version, custom user group and much more
  • Present intuitive statistical reports in list and chart (pie chart or bar chart)
  • Provide TOP 10 used applications summary for administrators to know what applications are used most

Policy Examples

To restrict employees from using non-work related applications, you can set the control policies as follows:

1.Prohibited by application name

Administrator can block application usage by directly adding the name of the application, such as msn.exe. This policy is applied by string matching. If user changes the application name to msn123.exe, this policy will be invalid. To avoid this, administrator can set the second control policy.

2.Prohibited by application classes

Administrator can categorize all prohibited applications and put them into an application class, and then select that application class to block. In this way, even if the user changes the application name, as long as the program itself does not change, this policy remains in effect.

Warning: Block all applications will result in the disabled of most processes. In order to avoid potential losses, please set the policy cautiously.

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