Warnings, Alerts & Actions

Send warnings or alerts, take immediate action when certain rule is being violated.

Send Warnings to Employees

SurveilStar’s is a great assistant to help administrator and supervisor to maintain the computers. You can view their computer names, IP addresses, MAC and more, disable devices, check and manage their hardware and software assets, end processes or programs, stop system service and file sharing, check PC performance, check disk usage, remotely lock, shutdown, log off or restart the computers, remotely transfer files and set up remote control connections.

Real-time alert information can also be passed to a designated mailbox via the email server, and so administrators can understand and process alarm in a timely manner, to quickly locate and solve problems.

Send Warnings to Employees & Alerts to Admin

Most policies allow you to set warning message for employees and alerts for IT administrator. When a rule is being violated, warning message will pop up on employees' computer and IT administrator in console will get alerts.

  • Custom warning messages
  • Pop up instant warning messages on the users’ side if they attempt to violate the rule.
  • Pop up real-time alert messages on administrators’ desktops if the operation is unpermitted.

Automatic & Immediate Action or Manual Action

You can set to lock the computer automatically in most policies immediately if someone is trying to violate the policy rule. You can manually notify, lock, log off, power down or restart the PC.

Send Warnings to Employees

Send Email Notification

Email will be automatically sent to specified email addresses when violation is detected with specified computer or user range. So wherever you go, you know whether your employees obey the company rules or not.

Click here to check how to make Email Notification Settings.

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