Website Browsing

Do your employee waste time on non-work related websites? You can block them!

Website Browsing Monitoring

More and more employees spend their time in browsing websites which are unrelated to work during working hours. Many employees may think that office computers are their personal property and they could do whatever they want with the computers. Such behaviour may decrease work productivity and increase the risk of the misuse of corporate resources.

With SurveilStar, you can easily filter and block improper websites by setting proper policies, review detailed web browsing log with complete web browsing analysis report, and get real-time alerts of any unauthorized access.

  • Do you want to effectively control your employees network access?
  • Do you want to block network access to malicious sites or sites that are not related to work such as Facebook?

SurveilStar Website Monitoring feature aims to control and monitor users’ web browsing behaviour. It enables you to control who can browse websites and what websites can be accessed. It not only records websites visited by users, but also records how long did the users spend on different web pages and how frequently do they visit the websites.

With appropriate policy control, improper websites can be blocked easily and detailed logs help administrators understand user behaviour on web usage.

Record a Complete Copy of Visited Sites

SurveilStar records all visited websites with URL and HTML title. Once the URL is opened, it's recorded. it's meaningless to delete browsing history.

  • Record all the visited websites, URLs, captions, users, and computers to estimate users’ browsing activity
  • Provide easy-to-use web browsing log enquiry

Support Various Web Browsers

Support more than 50+ web browsers in the market, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Maxthon and more.

Track Firefox browsing history Track IE browsing history Track Chrome browsing history Track Opera browsing history

Sort the Website List into Categories

SurveilStar allows you to manage websites as categories. You can manually add webiste URLs into categories, or add visited website directly.

  • Custom web site categories according to your management needs
  • Block any web categories that you like to block

Block Any Unwanted Websites

You can create a website policy to block the websites you don't want your employees to visit, or block the website categories you sorted. Or let them visited permitted websites only by blocking any website and adding exception.

  • Block users from visiting malicious, inappropriate and non-work related websites or web site categories during specified time range
  • Allow users browsing certain websites or website categories during office hours
  • Custom web site categories according to your management needs

Detailed Web Sites Statistics

  • Summarize and gather statistics on websites visited
  • Gather statistics of users' web surfing hours on different websites/website categories
  • Provide intuitive and easy-to-read report in a pie char or bar chart.
  • Provide top 10 visited websites report for administrators

Policy Example

To allow employees to visit the specified websites, you can set the web policy as follows:
Step 1: set a policy to "Block" all website;

Step 2: set another policy that allows the specified websites (add all allowed websites into the same website class)

In this way, the specified sites can be accessed while all other sites are prohibited.

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