File Printing

What did you employees print or try to print?

Monitoring File Printing

Limit users to use printers, review detailed print log about local network, shared and virtual printers usages and back up printed document in image file.

Sometimes, files may be converted to PDF or image files and then sent out by way of email or IM tools. To prevent information leakage, whether through physical or virtual printers, printing monitoring should not be neglected. SurveilStar can help you control and record printer access and thus to effectively protect your confidential data, and save you millions of dollars in papers, wasted time and data loss.

  • How do you know the printing services are used properly in your office?
  • Are you concerned that some important files may have been printed? Can you centrally control and monitor the usage of printers?

SurveilStar Printing Monitoring feature aims to help corporations to manage printing facilities and optionally back up the image of printed documents. System administrator can control agent computers to access different types of printers including local, shared, network and virtual printers. Also, if Record Printed Image is optionally selected, all backup printed files are saved into image formats. Moreover, the detailed print log includes printer type, time, computer name, user name, print task, printer name, number of printed pages, document caption and application by which the file was printed.

Record All Printing Logs

Record printing by applications, time, pages, captions, users, computers, print tasks, etc., support local printer, shared printer, network printer and virtual printer.

  • Record print applications, time, pages, captions, users, computers, print tasks, etc.
  • Support log enquiry by searching time, document, etc
  • Control four types of printers: Local Printer, Shared Printer, Network Printer, and Virtual Printer (e.g., PDF creator)

Control Who Can Print & What Can Be Printed

If you need to control who can print the files, what files can be printed, or what application can be used to print, you can set up a print policy to reach the goals.

  • Specify who can print and who cannot print
  • Block illegal applications from printing
  • Prevent users from using specific printers to print files
  • Immediately pop up warning and alert messages when unauthorized users want to print or use unauthorized applications to print

Add Watermark to Any Printed Files

SurveilStar allows you to add picture or text watermark to printed files if watermark settings policy is enabled. You can set watermark appearance like font and transparency, add PC name, user name, printed time and IP address to any position you want. Read more...

Policy Example

In the enterprise, the administrator may need to control the use of printing machines to prevent the leakage of information or misuse of the printer.

Printing Policy Property Settings:
Step 1: Choose "Block" mode, check both "Shared Printer" and "Network Printer" printer types, enter the printer name to the "Printer description" property box, specify the printing "Application".

Step 2: Save the above policy settings, then specified printer will be disable when users attempt to use printing service.

Note: The printing policy is valid only when the printer type and printer description are match.

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