Document Usage

Track who has accessed or copied the confidential documents

Track Document Usage

Monitor and control all document actions in different types of storage media such as local hard disk, CD-ROM, Floppy, network drive and removable drive.

If there are no controls or preventions about document management, some important files may be leaked out accidentally or maliciously by employees, or accessed by unauthorized personnel. Moreover, IT administrators may face challenges in managing and controlling documents operated in removable devices.

  • Do you want to know who, when and how the confidential files were disclosed to competitors from office?
  • Can any event logs be traced back to the starting point? Could any prevention be adopted to avoid such incidents?

SurveilStar Document Monitoring feature can help you monitor and control document operations. SurveilStar can assign different rights to different users. Under this protection, confidential documents can be blocked from common users’ access, some documents can only be read by agent users, while other documents of less important can be modified or deleted.

What’s more, you got a choice to backup documents before they are destroyed, deliberately, or unintentionally.

Record a Full List of Operated Documents

SurveilStar records any documents which has been operated. Document Operation Logs will show you operation type, user, source file with extension, file size, path, disk type, applications which used to operate, etc.

  • Easily retrieve deleted files from Document Operation Logs
  • Record document actions including create, access, edit, copy, move and delete
  • Record document actions on hard disks, removable storage devices, local shares and network paths
  • Provide a search function to find logs by time and range, operation type, file name, etc

Supported Operation Type & Disk Type

Supported operation types include Create, Copy, Move, Rename, Restore, Delete, Access, Modify, Upload, Download and Burn. Supported disk types include fixed drive, floppy, DVD/CD-ROM, removable drive and network drive.

Control Document Access & Backup

Document policy is powerful and flexible. You can control who have the prilivedges to read, modify or delete the files by file name and disk type.

  • Control document access permissions
  • Prohibit users from copying any files to removable media
  • Prohibit users from modifying and deleting specified documents
  • Only allow authorized users to access specified shared folders on servers
  • Prevent users from illegally accessing sensitive documents stored on specified disks and network paths
  • Back up confidential documents before they are changed

Policy Examples

1. To limit the access to some important documents and prohibit the employees from modifying and deleting some important documents, the administrator will need to specify the policy properties.

Document Policy Property Settings:
Step 1: Choose "Block" mode, select operation types (modify and delete), specify document name, select the backup mode.

Step 2: Then the users only have access permissions to the specified document.

2. In order to prevent users from deleting or modifying some documents, the administrator can set a policy to back up specified documents.

Document Policy Property Settings:
Step 1: Choose "Allow" mode, select operation types (modify and delete), specify document name, select the backup mode.

Step 2: Then the users don't have any usage limits over the specified document. SurveilStar will automatically backup the modified and deleted documents, so that the administrator can retrieve and review the backup document from the Document Operation Logs.

Note: If you enable the Backup property, it may result in large amount of data backed up to server. So, you must set the policy precisely to avoid backing up huge useless data.

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