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Roy J. Gromlich

I would like to say that this product is everything that it says and more. It's wonderful to have, and it's worth every dollar.

Bruce Zeelie

It is almost ONE month that I've had your product, and I want to say that it is just... AWESOME. This product helped me to find out what is going on in my calm safe-looking life. And, what I've paid for the product is really nothing compared to what I've gotten out of it.

Also, I want to say thanks to your tech support people who have been very helpful and patient with customers like me that are not so much an expert in computers.

Hope to see your company achieve great successes, more and more. All the best.

Dale O'Harra

SurveilStar is just the right application to keep my employees in check. I can monitor the computers that are not assigned to an individual & lessen the company exposure to gambling sites etc. If I have a suspect emplyee with an assigned computer, I can spot check to insure that internet usage is for business purposes and not FaceBook, Myspace, and other social outlets. Thanks SURVEILSTAR!!

Lawrence MacNeil

My personal opinion of the monitor in short is this piece of software is invaluable. I have caught several employees using business PCs for personal business using it as well as 1 employee "cooking the books" for personal gain. Whether you plan to use it for business purposes or personal use to catch your significant other doing something she/he shouldn't you can't go wrong with this purchase.

John Andrews

Hi there. -- I bought your program over a month ago, after trying (and buying) a number of similar programs, which were a waste of money. The rest were rubbish compared to yours, which is superb. Thank you, I am a very happy customer. -- Kind regards.