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SurveilStar Web Watcher

Whether you want to monitor employee email, monitor instant messages, take real-time screen snapshots of your employees' computer, block printing or block web site access, SurveilStar Web Watcher does that and more.    

SurveilStar - A Powerful Web Watcher Software

SurveilStar web watcher effectively controls the website access from corporate network. Administrator can grant users with different websites visiting privileges. Every website visit will be tracked and recorded in details, and can any website can be blocked.

SurveilStar is the web watcher that can monitor every web page that is accessed on the computer and saves a chronological record for your review. And it’s much more than a simple website history. The website statistics report will summarize a char of top10 visited websites and other reports, so that you can quickly get a clear overview of what they are doing online.

SurveilStar web watcher effectively controls the website access from corporate network. Administrator can grant users with different websites visiting privileges. Every website visit will be tracked and recorded in details, and can any website can be blocked.

For instance, if you don’t like your employees watch online videos in workplace, you can block , and other Internet video sites.

SurveilStar web watcher provides dynamic ways of control website access:

  • 1. Block a website with complete URL, for example,
  • 2. Block website addresses with keywords, *game*,*porn*, etc.
  • 3. Define a web class, and then block a whole class

Employers are most likely to block employees' access to the following web sites

Activities of Internet abuse

Why is web watcher necessary

Before judging whether it’s necessary to use such kind of employee monitoring software to monitor and control their computer and Internet activities, take a look at these facts:

  • 30% of the companies are losing more than a day's work per week to time wasting
  • 44% of businesses have suffered an e-mail breach
  • £33,000 is the average cost of clearing up after an e-mail breach
  • 30% of people had stolen a contact database when they left an employer
  • 70% of people have stolen key information from work
  • 21% of data theft burn corporate documents and information onto CDs
  • The list goes on …

Why choose SurveilStar as your web watcher

From the day we program this software, we have great anticipation on it, just as you do now. So we name it SurveilStar, hoping it can really help you out and become one of the shinning stars among the surveillance software industry.

  • Monitor and control every PC/Internet activity

SurveilStar web watcher records and controls all computer and Internet activities - emails, web site visits, chats and instant messages, system settings, program activities, document operations, removable devices, printers, and even network management.

  • Real-time monitoring and control

You can watch real-time screen snapshots of any selected computer or several computers at a time. SurveilStar keeps you informed.

  • SurveilStar puts you in control

We understand efficient and in-time control is the most critical part. SurveilStar web watcher provides dynamic monitor and control options that can efficiently manage the whole network and all computers.

  • A happy solution for both employees and boss

The use of SurveilStar web watcher will not bother employers at all. SurveilStar web watcher runs silently in backstage, no visible interface or entry in the end user computer. And SurveilStar will not cause inconveniences to normal use of computer and Internet. Thus it’s a happy solution for both employees and employers.

Features of the web watcher

The advanced blocking capabilities of this web watcher are unmatched. You can easily control Internet access with a few simple clicks.

Block by website category (pornography, gambling, shopping, drug sites, online videogames, social networking sites, etc.) or only allow access to the specific websites you choose. Virtually unlimited flexibility allows this web watcher to keep the bad stuff out without being too restrictive like other blocking software.

This web watcher software lets you monitor as many computers as you want. The blocking feature is uniquely their own. In addition to allowing you to block certain web sites by URL, contextual blocking allows parent's to block web sites by keyword or key phrase. It was very easy to setup, we simply entered the key words in which you thought were offensive.

Blocking by web site category (pornography, gambling, shopping, etc.) is a great tool since there are many web site which parents are not aware of. This web watcher lets you block all web site and only allow access to the specific web sites you choose.

Information such as every email that is sent or received, who sent it, who received it, the date and time, the email subject and attachments (if any). IM and chat details recorded were the date of the chat, start & end time, the chat participants, and the entire contents of the chat (instant message) conversation.

SurveilStar web watcher can invisibly monitor everything they do on computer:

  • Record all emails
  • View the contents of any email attachments
  • Record Instant Messages and chats
  • Track All Websites Visited
  • See All Searches Performed
  • Record All Keystrokes Typed
  • Take real-time screenshots of any activity
  • Play screenshots back like videos
  • Monitor all software programs used
  • Control the use of devices
  • Monitor and control modifications to documents
Surveillance web watcher