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Parental Control Software

Protecting your children from being harmed is just as important online as it is in the real world. Parental Control Software can play an important role in helping your children have safe and positive experiences online.    

SurveilStar -- Protect Your Children Online Software

The Internet is a wonderful place for learning and entertainment, but every coin has two sides, it can pose dangers if precautions are not taken. Allowing free access puts your child, your computer and your personal data at risk. By taking an active role in talking with you kids about the risks or concerning about something that they find on the Internet you can help them stay safer online. Besides, an effective parental control software program is a must-have tool for parents nowadays.

SurveilStar Parental Control Software is a reliable solution to safeguard your children's Internet experience and maximize the efficiency of the time they spend on the computer. This software basically works by restricting and permitting access to certain websites, as well as to monitor Internet browsing habits and activities.

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SurveilStar has a lot of options and abilities that make it the right choice for parental control. It gives parents the ability to control content displayed, block objectionable websites and set up application classes, website class and port classes for monitoring. Powerful features like email recording and IM chat monitoring are available in SurveilStar parental control program, which are designed to protect against and counteract the tactics of aggressive, online porn peddlers and other predators.

Protect Children Online

SurveilStar - Internet Filter Software

SurveilStar is an effective, easy-to-use web filtering software program that will protect your kids from the sites that you don’t want them to see while allowing them to access the many benefits offered online. It’s flexible enough to meet most consumers’ needs by not only blocking sites by pre-defined categories but also by allowing for customisation to allow otherwise blocked sites or, conversely, to block generally allowed ones.

A characteristic that makes SurveilStar internet filter software particularly easy to use is the level of customizations you can control. You can establish multiple website classes that can be activated to filter and block categories of content such as adult, chat, gambling, violence, dating and others. Moreover, you can block FTP port, download ports and illegal network share.

Additionally, SurveilStar can be set to block social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand, it can block IM programs like MSN, ICQ, YAHOO! Messenger, Skype, SINA UC, QQ, TM, RTX, POPO, LSC, ALI, FETION, Google Talk, etc.

Internet Filter Software Features Include:

  • Filter Categories
  • Editable Filter Lists
  • Chat Filtering
  • Chat Monitoring
  • Chat Blocking
  • Social Network Reporting
  • Social Network Filtering
  • Newsgroup Blocking
  • IM Port Blocking
  • Pear-to-Pear Blocking
  • FTP Blocking
  • Email Filtering
  • Email Blocking
  • Predator Blocking
  • PC Game Blocking
  • Custom Port Blocking

SurveilStar - Parental Time Control Software

SurveilStar is one of the best parental time control software that can easily monitor computer use times and access, so kids can be limited to approved web sites and homework suitable applications instead of spending time playing addictive games or chatting in anonymous chat rooms.

With SurveilStar, parents can set time limits by the day, week or by time length and time of day. Program and Internet time can be limited as well. All of these time limits can be combined into different scenarios. For example, a kid’s access could be restricted to Monday–Friday 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, with 15 minutes allowed for their favourite game, 15 minutes to chat and 90 minutes for homework. It also has a “time–out” feature, which allows parents to “ground” a kid from their favourite game or Internet site for a specific duration.

Besides, SurveilStar has the ability to lock your system down and prevent users from installing or running restricted programs. You can prevent your child from using the Control Panel or changing/replacing existing programs. This means that other users cannot change important system properties like display, user accounts, network connections or date/time without approved access.

Parental Time Control Software Features Include:

  • Daily Time Limits
  • Weekly Time Limits
  • Monthly Time Limits
  • Specific Time Restrictions
  • Time Length Restrictions
  • Section Limits
  • Program Restrictions
  • Specific Game Restriction
  • Internet Usage Restriction
  • Specific Website Access
  • Alert Warning Messages
  • Temporary Lockout of PC

Additional Features to Look For in SurveilStar

SurveilStar has a lot of great features that extend beyond simply internet filtering and time control. For instance, you can disable devices, check and manage hardware and software assets, end processes or programs, stop system service and file sharing, check PC performance, check disk usage, remotely lock, shutdown, log off or restart the computers, remotely transfer files and set up remote control connections. SurveilStar also provides parents with detailed logs, application statistics and complete analysis reports which can assist them in understanding their children's behavior.

SurveilStar more features to protect your children:

  • Capture real-time screenshots so you can see EXACTLY what is typed, surfed or read.
  • Run absolutely invisibly under Windows systems and does not show in Windows task list.
  • Generate comprehensive statistics and detailed event logs for analysing.
  • Easy to use and password protected.
  • Fully support Win2000 SP4/XP/2003/Vista/7/2008.