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Capture and Track Browsing History of Apple Safari Web Browser

Using web browsers to visit websites has been a usual thing for many. But proper timing for proper things. If non-work related webpages are browsed, how will your boss think? Well, with Surveilstar Safari browsing tracker, all can be fixed. Learn more...

Safari is a web browser designed by Apple Inc. and has become Apple's default browser very earlier. In the very beginning, it is a browser developed exclusive for Mac users but soon a Windows version was released. But unlucky, its Windows version stops . upgrading since version 5.17.

What can Surveilstar do on tracking Safari browsing history?

Collect users' browsing history and keep uploading to server. Then on the Surveilstar console, you can clearly see a user has browsed and visited.

How to use Surveilstar to record Safari activities?


1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Surveilstar. If you can uncertain about, you may check version history via page-
2. Make sure all your computers fit the system requirements of Surveilstar. The system requirements details can be seen at the bottom of this page-
3. Make sure that all

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How To
1. Correctly install Surveilstar console and agent. Also make sure the server is properly deployed.
2. Enter the console with default name "admin" and set password null.
3. Click options under menu to get the browsing history results.

Can all versions of Safari be monitored?

Please first note that Surveilstar agent only works on Windows operating systems, no Mac is allowed. But you can install a console on Mac by using a third-party software or virtual machine. Since Surveilstar is a Windows-based software, it is not difficult to imagine that only Windows Safari browsing history will be tracked by Surveilstar. So, if you are using Mac OS or Safari's Mac version, just skip Surveilstar.

Also, for Windows Safari, yes, every version of this edition can be captured, according to Surveilstar's recent testing results. Or if you have doubt about it, you can go to get a testing paper of Surveilstar from Surveilstar support team. Or you can directly test it on your own for good.

Is Safari the only browser I can monitor with Surveilstar?

No, Surveilstar can trace other web browsers' browsing activities. Most mainstream ones like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, 360 browser... all can be supported by Surveilstar.