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Business Documents Protection Software

SurveilStar is an unparallel business document protection software which allows you to control over every document operation, track documents and printing, block copying files to removable devices, burning files to disc, transferring files via IM/FTP.    

Protect Business Documents & Stop Data Theft

The email attachment capturing & blocking features, along with document and device control features, enable enterprise to protect intellectual properties, business secrets, and stop data theft. SurveilStar can monitor and block all email attachments and prevent confidential data from leaking out.

Data loss & data theft

Data in motion presents major challenges to any company. Just take a look at these facts:

  • 30% of people had stolen a contact database when they left an employer
  • 70% of people have stolen key information from work
  • 21% of data theft burn corporate documents and information onto CDs

With SurveilStar monitoring solutions, now you can monitor or block communications that could do serious harm to your business.

The loss of critical documents sometimes is just unaffordable. With the backup function for SurveilStar, you can now prevent unintentionally deletion and stop malicious sabotage.

  • Block reading, modifying or deleting document
  • Backup files before modify
  • Backup files when copy/cut to specified disk
  • Backup before delete

Dynamic data/docs control policies

Tracking documents and printing is not enough yet. SurveilStar also enables you to control over every document operation. You can forbid certain users from accessing some documents, or grant read-only ability to the users.

SurveilStar can block copying files to removable devices, burning files to disc, transferring files via IM/FTP tools, or printing documents.

The document operation log contents include

  • Document operation type
  • Time
  • Computer name
  • User name
  • Source file name
  • File size
  • Path
  • Disk type
  • Application and caption.

If the file is shared via network, SurveilStar will also track who has been operated the shared file and the user’s IP address.

IT structure of SurveilStar Employee Monitoring Software

SurveilStar makes it easy for administrators or senior-level management to control access to mission-critical files and data. SurveilStar creates a record of who opened what file at what time and made what changes to it.

Thus, SurveilStar is raising the bar in data protection, by taking actions – blocking or tracking access -- based on the contents within a file (for example, a Word document or Excel spreadsheet) as well as file names and paths, SurveilStar also eliminates the need for cumbersome fingerprinting of documents, or the need to check all files against a critical document repository on a server.

SurveilStar allows you to enforce individually, on a case-by-case basis, the policies that will affect each employee’s computer use. Example: your CEO can have blanket permission to attach files to an email. A junior member of the accounting team, however, can be blocked from attaching a spreadsheet of your company’s financial data to email.

Control devices and removable storage

Processor, DVD drive, CD drive, keyboard, mouse, network adapters, printers … SurveilStar can record computer hardware and software assets information in details, of every single monitored computer.

SurveilStar blocks the copying of any file to removable media based (USB drive, iPod, external hard drive) based on the file's content. So, an employee’s computer can be set, using SurveilStar, to allow copying of emails to removable media, but not spreadsheets with confidential company financial. It’s the smart approach, in tune with the needs of your business.

There are multiple points of possible leakage inherent to any PC within an organization. For any company to achieve a true measure of protection against the loss of critical information, all of the points of potential failure must be identified and controlled. This is particularly true with removable media like USB memory sticks.

To protect corporate information from leakage and data theft, the use of devices should be tracked and controlled carefully. SurveilStar tracks, records and controls all device connections and operations.