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Portable Device Policy

Portable devices like smartphones, mp3 player, flash drive... can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. If they are something you would not like to see your employees use during working hours, you can set policy to block it with Surveilstar.

Manage Portable Devices' Use During Working Time

With the highly development of mobile phone technology, it becomes much easier and faster for people to communicate with each other. It also enables people to get information they need within several clicks on the phone screens using mobile network. It is not surprising to see employees may use portable devices in office. They probably take advantages of them to chat with friends, visit shopping websites, check the hot shares on twitter... It is annoying to see this because working hours are supposed to be contributed to work, not something else.

Well, Surveilstar is not capable of blocking the use of portable devices. But you can stop their accesses to computers if users are trying to download something to those devices. It may not be a perfect way to stop them from playing cellphones, mp3 players, but can take effect to some degree.

Try Surveilstar to block the portable device usage now!

How To Set A Portable Device Policy

Step 1. In SurveilStar Console, click menu "Policies" > "Device", click Add button to create a device policy. Then you will see Property settings like the picture below.

WLAN Policy Property

Step 2. Select "Storage">"Portable Device ". More details about this can be found here.

Here are something you may need to fill in while creating a policy.

Name: Give your device policy a name.

Time: Set effective time for your device policy.

Mode: Select policy execution mode. Allow, Block and Inaction modes are available.

Only offline: Check this option if you want the policy to be effective only when the computers are offline.

Expiring Time: Set expiring time for this device policy. Or leave it to Always to make it always effective.

Device Policy: Click ... button to open the settings dialog. You will see a dialog as below.

Description: Describe your device usage policy.

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