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SurveilStar Employee Monitoring Software's IT Structure

Surveilstar is comprised of Agent, Console and Server. Knowing this employee monitoring software's IT structure can help you to use this software better.    

SurveilStar's IT Structure

SurveilStar computer/Internet monitoring system is composed of Agent, Server, and Console.

PC/Internet Monitoring Software IT Structure

What’s a SurveilStar Agent

Agent is the monitoring application installed on target computers.Agents can be grouped, and then managed and controlled by group.

SurveilStar Agent can:

  • Collect data of monitored computer/user’s PC/Internet activities
  • Send collect data to server
  • Execute commands from server
  • Capture and send screen snapshots to console in real-time
  • Control PC/Internet activities in accordance to the predefined policies
  • Run in stealth mode
  • Self-protect from unauthorized uninstalling

What’s a SurveilStar Server

Server is the computer that stores all computer/Internet records. Server connects Agent and Console. Learn more about server requirement and suggestions

SurveilStar Server can:

  • Collect and store the data of computer/Internet activities on monitored computers
  • Execute control strategies
  • Backup and manage log history
  • Search the network periodically
  • Manage all monitored computers

What’s a Console

Console is the control panel for administrator or supervisor.

View the screenshot of SurveilStar Console

SurveilStar Console can:

  • Watch real-time screen snapshots of monitored computers
  • Review all computer/Internet activities of monitored computers/users
  • Choose computers/users to be monitored
  • Setup strategies on controlling monitored computers/users
  • Receive alert messages and take actions
  • Search records, and save selected records in different file format

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