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SurveilStar can improve employee productivity

SurveilStar employee monitoring software can improve employee productivity by decreasing personal Internet usage, increasing more effective time and making employee concentrate on their work.    

Improve employee productivity by SurveilStar monitoring software

Business success depends on many factors, however, it's no doubt that improving employee productivity is important no matter how the size of your company is. There are many ways to improve employee productivity such as implementing a piecework compensation plan, promoting from within, having better equipment, considering profit-sharing, handing out achievement awards, providing adequate breaks, etc. These ways may not always apply in different companies. Here we introduce another employee productivity improving method -- SurveilStar employee monitoring software.

In our opinion, to improve employee productivity, the actions below are necessary.

  • Increase amount of your employee real work time and decrease amount of wasted time.
  • Find a better way to assign different tasks to appropriate employees.
  • Prevent data leakage including company's secret information, commercial plans, etc.

Improving employee productivity with more effective time

As a smart team leader or department manager, you must know how the staff use the Internet resources and spend time on computer. According to a recent studies, 67 % of employees admitted using the Internet for personal reasons including chatting, sending or receiving personal emails, browsing irrelevant websites, etc.

Decreasing wasted time and making the staff concentrate on their work is a good way to improve employee productivity. With SurveilStar employee monitoring software, you can get all the details of activity on employees' computer such as what website they browsed, whom they sent mails to, whom they chatted with. If the activity is irrelevant with work, you can take actions including giving an oral warning, limiting the internet usage.

SurveilStar can block any websites you don't want your staff to visit, block any email addresses you don't want your staff to sent to or receive from, block instant messages by forbidding usage of instant messaging tools.

With the actions, the staff will realize what they should concentrate on and reduce or stop personal internet usage, and more effective time will be spent on work, thus employee productivity will be improved.

Improving employee productivity with statistics

As we said above, a smart leader or manager also needs to know how the staff spend time on computer. An accurate statistics will help you to know. SurveilStar provides statistics for application, web and traffic. Thus you can know what they are working on, what they are good at and what they are not doing well. According to the statistics, you can assign different tasks to appropriate employees and reduce process time. Thus statistics help to improve employee productivity.

Improving employee productivity by data leakage prevention

Some datas in company may be sensitive especially in current commercial world with fierce competition. An accident data leakage may make your plans meaningless and make you do it over again. According to a recent study, 29 % of employees take a confidential company material when they left for a new job. Sometimes this may cause a lot of trouble including starting a task again with giving up the things done. SurveilStar helps to prevent data leakage by limiting email attachment, usb device usage, instant messaging tools, etc. Thus data leakage prevention also helps to improve employee productivity.

Improving employee productivity with real-time screen monitor

Employees perform better under constant control with real-time feedback from their supervisor. As a smart team leader or a department manager, tell your staff that they are being monitored with real-time screen. Once the employees know that managers and supervisors can see what is happening on their computers in real time from remote locations, they will surely try to perform better. Under real-time screen monitoring, pressure will be turned into motivation. Thus real-time screen monitoring will help to improve employee productivity.

SurveilStar -- a best employee monitoring solution

More and more companies have realized that employee monitoring software is necessary. It can increase employees' morale, encourage them to work harder, prevent data leakage, etc. All of these focus on one thing -- improve employee productivity. It has been a wide consensus that improving employee productivity rather than cost savings is a top priority.

SurveilStar records every detail on employees' computer, gives you web and application statistics, monitors employees in real time screen, block or limit or manage internet, email, instant messaging and network. SurveilStar is a best employee monitoring solution which can also improve employee productivity obviously.

Conclusion of improving employee productivity

Improving employee productivity is not simple. It depends on many factors as we said before introducing SurveilStar. SurveilStar is not a suitable tool of improving employee productivity for outdoor working environment, but it works for computers where most jobs are done. Get it for a 30-day free trial on 5 computers and check how it improves your employees' productivity.