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Employee Monitoring

Why monitor employee? Monitoring employees is a double-edged sword? How do most people think of the "spy"? Is it wise to judge if the employee is doing a right job according to the monitoring result? Learn more...

Monitoring employees is a double-edged sword?

Employee privacy is a controversial issue nowadays. Because people standing in different positions would hold different opinions on the whole employee monitoring thing. It is like standing on an edge- Employers may take it for granted because they need to make sure their staff members are doing work related things during those hours at office. On the contrary, employees are unpleasant to be monitored because that would be a sign of no trust between an employee and an employer.


Despite the relationship an employee and an employer established, employees and employers are completely equal in essence. Button line, they make decisions together in some business cases. What’s more, an employee is not paid to be spied. They are hired there to contribute their knowledge and passion to make the company better. No employee will be happy in the first place after knowing themselves being watched while working. It feels as if a spying eye behind backs, letting employees feel unpleasant all along. What’s worse, when emergency comes unexpectedly and we need to use company computer for it, such unprevented affair perhaps offers evidence for employers to fire him/her with undeniable reasons.

Every wise boss knows that employees monitoring is a double-edged sword, you can gain advantages from it. But without a proper use, it will cause necessary problems and make the employees feel disappointed about the company spy. Anyway, they may have to admit not every employee is a good employee who will spend most of his/her time on business and rarely do non-work related things. There are more or less staffs who will make use of company resources for personal affairs. So in such cases, i would like to understand an employer’s monitoring policy. But it is still necessary for them to let employees know about the monitor, not to mention it is still not legal to employers to monitor employee in many countries.


Besides, does work performance determine everything?

Good work performance may not be the only evidence of indicating that an employee is a good one. But it is without doubt a very important part of determining if an employee is worth trust and bigger project to undertake.

We can not directly say an employee monitoring behavior is "right or wrong", "good or bad". It is like a two sides sword, you may get cut with carelessly usage.


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