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Monitor Emails and IM Chats

Surveilstar can backup all email attachments and you can retrieve the attachments for review. IM File Transfer Policy is used to monitor and control all outgoing files through Instant Messenger applications.    

SurveilStar -- Monitor Emails and Instant Messages

Email client or Web mail and Instant message tools are often used to send attachments. Some bad guys use them to send confidential documents for evil purpose. With Surveilstar you can prevent such data leakages.

SurveilStar is the trustworthy PC/Internet monitoring software that helps to secure your business and improve productivity and efficiency. SurveilStar can record and control all employee communications - emails and Instant Messages.

You can see all contents in recorded emails:

  • Subject
  • Sender
  • Recipients
  • Content
  • Attachments

By default, SurveilStar backups all email attachments. You can retrieve the attachments for review. Besides recording all email communications, SurveilStar can also block outgoing emails that match specified terms

Whether it’s ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, AIM, Skype, Lotus Sametime, or Tencent QQ, SurveilStar automatically records and saves the chat conversations and instant messages for your later review.

PC/Internet Monitoring Software IT Structure

Email and Instant Messages monitoring

Because Web-based mail sites (such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail and AOL mail) offer such a high degree of anonymity, employees can use these sites to send inappropriate, offensive, confidential or even potentially damaging communications on company time.

Instant Messaging can be a useful productivity tool. Our goal, with SURVEILSTAR, is to make certain it is used in your organization only in ways that enhance the value and service of your business, not as an unpoliced method to misrepresent your company and its policies. That’s why we built the best solution for Instant Messaging monitoring and control for business.

SurveilStar’s unique architecture ensures that these employee communications – along with all communications sent over company email servers -- are recorded and monitored, providing you with the ability to comprehensively protect your company from the threats that Webmail and IM can expose you to.

Filtering file transferring via IM apps

IM File Transfer Policy is used to monitor and control all outgoing files through Instant Messenger applications.

Whether it’s MSN, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger or ICQ, SurveilStar can block suspicious file transfer via any of these IM tools, by file name, file size, or file extension.

SurveilStar also provides the most advanced tools allowing you, at any time, to search and review all employee communications, as well as all work done on word processing programs, spread sheets, presentations, even queries to your company data bases.

SurveilStar’s records are unalterable. This can protect your business from costly litigation, and also ensure that your business has the strongest foundation to meet federal and state compliance guidelines.