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Control every PC/Internet activity

Surveilstar not only records every detail of computer and internet activities, but also puts your employee or children in control of all these activities by flexible policies. You can learn more about SurveilStar's policies below.    

SurveilStar Control Policy

Monitoring is not enough, indeed, controlling is also necessary. Surveilstar monitors all computer and internet activities including emails, programs, IM chats, screen snapshots, etc. Surveilstar also controls the monitored computers with flexible yet easy-to-use policies.

What's a Control Policy?

A Control Policy describes when a PC/Internet activity is detected, what kind of action should be automatically taken against that activity. With SurveilStar PC/Internet monitoring software, you can assign one of the following four policies to a specified PC/Internet activity:

  • Block the activity
  • Allow the activity
  • Inaction
  • Ignore the activity

Besides these control policies, SurveilStar can also take further actions against the activity:

  • Alert the administrator/supervisor
  • Warn the monitored user
  • Lock the monitored computer

Whatever you can monitor, you can control it. You can control certain computer’s access to websites, filter outgoing files via IM, block email attachment, disable removable device drive, cancel unauthorized file sharing, prevent changing system configurations, and many more. You can even lock the target computer if potential sabotage is out there.

Based on different situations, SurveilStar can apply different strategies to different users or computers. It can allow the activity, ignore the activity, take no action, or block the activity. And you don’t have to review every record all day long. You can tell SurveilStar to alert you whenever a specified activity was taken or a bottom line was triggered. And all the control and block policies will be carried out automatically by SurveilStar. You just sit back, and have a cup of coffee.

Some of the critical control measures:

  • Send warning message to the monitored user
  • Limit access to websites
  • Limit the use of unauthorized applications
  • Filter outgoing files via IM tools
  • Control the use of printers
  • Control the use of removable devices
  • Control and allocate network bandwidth
  • Control outgoing email (webmail and Lotus email excluded)
  • Restrict the use of Device Manager
  • Restrict the use of Disk Management
  • Restrict the use of Shared Folders
  • Restrict the use of Task Manager
  • Restrict the use of Regedit
  • Restrict the use of CMD
  • Restrict modifying network property
  • Restrict modifying Internet Options
  • Restrict changing IP/MAC Property
  • Prevent restoring computer system
  • Prevent important documents from sabotage
  • Lock/Unlock the controlled computer
  • Log off/Power down/Restart the controlled computer

Computer/Internet Control Policies

Administrator can control the use of computer and network resource on agent computer by setting control policies.

Control policy can be applied to the whole network, a certain group, or a selected computer/user.

SurveilStar uses a hierarchical mechanism to manage control policies. Priorities are allocated to different levels of policies according to their hierarchies.

User Policy > Computer Policy > Group Policy > Whole Network Policy

High priority < ----------------------------------------------------- >Low priority