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SurveilStar Children Internet Protection Software

Working as powerful parental control software, SurveilStar gives you best children's internet protection. It protects children online and block porn, violence and harmful websites.    

SurveilStar -- Block Social Networking Sites

In USA, the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is one of a number of bills that the United States Congress has proposed in an attempt to limit children's exposure to pornography and explicit content online. However, the Children's Internet Protection Act is mainly applied on school and library computers. What if a children is using a computer at home?

Most of us think internet is amazing. For children and kids, internet can provide many beneficial resources and hours of fun. On the other hand, for any parent, internet dangers including internet sexual predators, explicit images, indecent websites and porn videos can be worrying. Internet child safety brings a new set of challenges. Protecting children's internet safety has become a more and more serious and important topic for concerned parents. We all agree that nothing can take the place of a well-informed parent but children's internet protection application will add a strong and additional layer of defense. SurveilStar is a children's internet protection solution which will help your kids stay away from all kinds of internet dangers and help your children grow up healthily.

Harmful online predators

Children could be physically harmed by online predators especially internet sexual predators. An online predator is an adult internet user who exploits vulnerable teens, usually for sexual or other abusive purposes. Online victimization of minors can include child grooming, requests to engage in sexual activities or discussions by an adult, unwanted exposure to sexual material (email with naked pictures, etc.), and online harassment, threats or other aggressive communications that are not sexual in nature but cause distress, fear or embarrassment.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children funded a study by the Crimes Against Children Resource Center in 2006 of youth Internet users over a five year period. They found:

  • An increase in encountering unwanted exposures to sexual material (from 25% to 34%)
  • An increase in cases of online harassment (from 6% to 9%)
  • A decrease in those receiving unwanted sexual solicitations (from 19% to 13%)
  • 40% of all youth Internet users said online solicitors asked them for nude or sexually explicit photographs
  • Only a minority of youth who had unwanted sexual solicitations, unwanted exposures to sexual material, or harassment said they were distressed by the incidents.
  • One-third of the solicitations (31%) were aggressive, meaning the solicitors made, offline contact with youth.

SurveilStar, an ultimate solution for children's internet protection

SurveilStar records every detail on your children's computers including visited website, viewed images and videos, sent and received emails, used applications, instant messages, etc and gives parents full access to those contents. Besides, the children's internet protection application can block any unexpected website or email addresses, forbid application usage and games like Windows MSN Messenger, ICQ, Starcraft, etc. Children's well-being in the virtual environment can be easily achieved by SurveilStar's internet protection for children or kids.

How SurveilStar ensure your children's internet safety

SurveilStar give your children internet protection by applying different policies which depends on your demand. You can create policies including web policy, application policy, IM tool policy, email policy and more. SurveilStar also comes with a real-time screen monitoring feature which helps you to know what your children are doing on the computer or internet. SurveilStar records everything in database, it doesn't matter if your children deleted mails or browsing history.

Block any unexpected website and email addresses

Many websites include indecent words like sex, porn, pussy in the domain. You can block any website whose domain includes the word "sex" by blocking "*sex*", * stands for any letters or strings. You can even block any websites including .com, .net or other domains and then create another policy to allow the specified websites. The priority of allow is higher then block. You can also create a web class which includes all the web addresses you allow your children to visit.

In the same way, you can set any email addresses which you allow your children to sent to or receive from. Websites and emails filtering are supposed to be the most important sides of children's internet protection.

Block application usage and games

Children may install some inappropriate applications, porn games, bloody games which will obviously do harm to children's mind and prevent children from setting up a correct world view and philosophy. SurveilStar will give you an application statistics and tell you what application your children spent on. You can easily find the application name and know what it is. Then you can create an application policy to block those unexpected applications and games.

Screen recording and realtime screen monitor

By default, SurveilStar doesn't record computers' screen because it may take some hard disk space. Hard drive is getting bigger and cheaper. For parents, we strongly recommend parents record screen. By viewing screen history, you can know what your children were doing even if you have gone out for a few days or were on a business trip. SurveilStar also comes with realtime screen monitor feature which helps you to know what your children are currently doing.

Time for children's internet protection

Internet is complicated. There is no time to delay for children's internet protection. DON'T let internet dangers drag your children's attention. Now you can give your children internet protection with SurveilStar children internet protection software. With SurveilStar, parents don't need to worry about their children internet activity and allow them to enjoy the good features of the virtual space. One last suggestion, children's internet protection software is an auxiliary means but communication with your children about online safety will always be the primary.