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Are we surrounded by spying eyes in workplaces?

With the rapid development of technology, it is not surprising to see spying tools around workplaces. Like employee monitoring software installed in computers, spying cameras hanging over heads, listening devices hidden somewhere... Learn more...

Watch Out Spying Eyes In Office!

Nobody would be happy to see a spy camera hanging overheads in the office except the one who makes the command to do such an installation. This to some extent indicates a violation of privacy. What's worse, this may also lead to significant distress together with an unpleasant working atmosphere for most employees. Because being spied by an employee monitoring tool would make staffs feel themselves like walking thieves of the office who need to be watched all along. So, is it true that employees are spied all the time in office? What should be done about it? To employers, should they do some self-reflections?

spying eyes

Anyway, it is not the only weapon managers or bosses use for ensuring that a staff is doing a right job. No to mention surveillance cameras, various of spying methods generated from modern technology are applied to the huge labor force. Which means, during the several working hours, you are being spied everywhere! They are via computer terminals, surveillance video, phone, even voice mail. Sounds like spy eyes everywhere? Also, spies are high density focused and employees have nowhere to hide. So, is it true about the whole monitoring facts? Why some employers think it is critical to accurately grasp the degree of monitoring employee implementation? Is it time to fight for employee privacy and prove to get equal respect? So, here are some FAQs for better illustrating the issue and for you to better understanding it.


1. Spy Cameras- Typically known as video surveillance.
2. Spyware- Installed in company computers, most employee monitoring software in the market can help.
3. Eavesdropping/Wiretapping.
4. Cooperate Internal IM Tool- View chatting details among coworkers with administrator privilege.
5. Company Customized Software- Software like system safety guard. Some monitoring components have been embedded by a customization which are unable to be detected.
6. More...
All the mentioned methods are about high-tech monitoring methods. Despite the fact that some companies also employ commercial espionage personnel to investigate staffs.

To employers & employees: WHY MONITOR EMPLOYEE?

Not every employee is a good one. There are more or less lazy bones around the company. In order to make sure that every hired personnel is doing best to contribute to the company and the company resources are not wasted for non-work related things like friends' chats, computer games' playing, gambling/porn sites' visiting... bosses will always make the same decision.

To employers & employees: WILL THIS DO GOOD?

Researches have found out that in many field, when a company offers enough trust and privilege for its employees, a strong sense of group honor will be established. Meanwhile, the employees there are more likely to accomplish a job particularly well. Anyway, it would be perfect if a company does not have to gain benefits from these modern-tech spy tools. Because looking for another way to better unite employees is much better than having them be under monitoring. But this seems difficult to realize due to reasons of many aspects.
Well, in other words, the monitoring reports can give company managers or bosses a direct view of what a staff has done during office hours. It provides performance evaluation reference- thus preventing the interference of employers' feelings on an employee's review.
In short, not just to think one thing on a single side, as we all know everything has two sides. A staff member is not necessarily responsible for stopping the company from using an employee spy tool. On the contrary they could also regard the spy as an ordinary affair if they are honest enough to the company.

To employers & employees: IS IT LEGAL?

Monitoring employee is legal in some countries, not all countries in the world. Considering the difference between different countries' backgrounds and cultures, the law may differ on stating the issue. So, be aware of the proper lawsuit in your country for suiting the remedy to your case.

To employers & employees: WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT?

Advices to employees: Just do what you need to do, think nothing else. The spy will not ruin your daily work and will not affect your normal usages of company resources, nor seriously hurt your feelings nor physically torture you. If so, why not ignore it? When you do feel bad about it, go directly to your manager's office to start a small talk. To persuade or to be persuaded, it is wiser than staying on an office chair and complaint.

Advices to employers: Let employees know about the monitoring. It will reduce the upset and anger of employees to the greatest extent. Moreover, it shows you at least respect them and would like to awaken them of their responsibilities.

Advices to all: Besides, in a company, it is everyone's duty to build fine relationship with others for team spirit. The faith, trust , responsibility and sense of group honor, including team spirit, all cost time and energy.

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