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SurveilStar Employee Monitoring Software

SurveilStar allows company administrators to monitor and supervise all their employee computers from a central location. It is normally deployed over a business network and allows for easy centralized log viewing via one central networked PC.    

SurveilStar -- A new type of computer monitoring software

In recent year, employee monitoring has become a concerned topic. A study by the nonprofit Privacy Foundation in 2001 found that, at the time, 14 million employees in the United State- more than one-third of the employees with access to the Internet- have had their Internet or e-mail use at work under continuous surveillance.

This is increasingly now as more companies are aware of potential highly cost of sabotage and file theft. A survey has found that many workers at small medium business are wasting time with e-mail messages and websites that have nothing to do with their jobs. Sophos research reveals one in seven workers bring their Face book addiction to work, while NOP survey found evidence that more than 80% of medium and large companies have been victims of some form of cyber-crime.

There are many attempts to monitor the employees but the most common and effective tool for monitoring employees is software surveillance. This kind of software is able to monitor every keystroke and action performed at a PC, including every website the employee visits, every keystroke types, every applicant uses, email sent, the file printed, and even screenshot of every enter (if the computer has a camera, it also can take photos without the employee's knowledge) – whatever you can think of monitoring, it can accomplish for you.

Surveilstar- the super star of employee surveillance solution

Surveilstar(, a new emerging monitoring software, was released and made its entrant into the field last quarter. Produced by AnvSoft Company, its name "surveilstar" is referring to the meaning of "the super star of employee surveillance solution". From the day it released, there are many requests about this software. The company responds in mail that this software is a new attempt and since they release the trial version Surveilstar V 3.0 to the website, they got an unexpected hot respond.

A lot of website visitors download the trial version and many of them are requesting the price. When referring to the price, the company said they haven't made a final decision yet but this software will charge different price according to the number of computers under monitored. The company also assures all the consumers that Surveilstar gets rich features and effective monitoring effect but at a competitive price compared to most of the monitoring software's in the market.

One of the visitors who show great interest in this software said that he is very impressive by the easy-to-install feature. Unlike the other people, he is buying this software to monitor his children’s website activities. "I'm worrying about my children," he said, "recently; they often shut their door and play computers. I just want to make sure they are not doing something bad. I certainly do not want to invade their piracy."

Other users express their interest in monitoring employees as it is designed. "I am considering of buying monitoring software for my department and I find Surveilstar. The website is quite clean and tells what I want in an intuitive way. They said it is not hard to install. I downloaded and gave it a try. It works," One of the users said. "I sent a request to them and hope soon it will quote the price for me."

While one of the users is worrying about the tech support after they buy the software. "They said we will get a life-long tech support once we purchase the software. But they only provide email support at present. I am not saying their email support is not good. Actually they respond to my every mail very quickly and solve my problem in a good manner. But sometimes it is hard to illustrate my problem clearly through email."