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SurveilStar, Professional Enterprise Solution Provider

SurveilStar intends to develop cross-platform computer monitoring software that can be deployed on Windows, Mac, Linux and even mobile terminals to meet diverse demands for business, organizations, schools and parents.

A cross-platform development plan for employee monitoring and parental control is launched

SurveilStar Basic IT Structure

January 4th, 2011. SurveilStar, Inc. (, the industrial leader in computer monitoring and data leakage prevention, announces its new plan to develop cross-platform software that can be deployed on all major OS and even mobile terminals.

Currently, SurveilStar can be only deployed on Windows with Microsoft SQL Server. Once deployed, all PC and web activities including visited websites, sent and received emails, used application, IM chats, shared, printed and operated documents on client computers, will be stealthily sent to server and can be reviewed on SurveilStar Console by IT manager or supervisor. With the console, IT manager or supervisor can create respective control policies for different client computers to block any websites, email receiver or sender, file transfer, USB devices and more. SurveilStar helps companies to improve employees’ productivity and efficiency, prevent data leakage and protect intellectual property under fierce competition environment.

"SurveilStar has earned its reputation from business for its powerful employee monitoring ability and flexible control policies, however, as we received more and more inquiry, we learned that many users are using other database instead of Microsoft SQL Server, or even other operating systems like Mac or Linux, we decided to develop cross-platform version. The cross-platform version can work with different database software like Oracle and different operating system. We are sure SurveilStar will outstand from the crowd of computer monitoring software", Said CEO, Michael Shaw.

"Parental Control is also our chief concern. Teenagers use internet to learn, connect with people or seek for what they are interested in, meanwhile, parents want to keep them away from the harmful things like porn, violence and online predators. SurveilStar can be also used as parental control software. In next step, we will release a version especially designed for parents to protect children online. We will simplify the installation and deployment process and help parents to protect their kids much easier. "

Before this announcement, SurveilStar held an online survey. According to the result, many of the customers gave their positive remark. "We've been looking for a product like SurveilStar for Mac OS, it will be really great if a cross-platform version is available. Please note me once it's released. We count on you." Said David, an IT administrator in New York.

SurveilStar now provides a 30-day free trial version which can monitor 5 computers with all the functions and can be downloaded from its official website with user manual.