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Release SurveilStar Employee Monitoring 3.24

SurveilStar Employee Monitoring 3.24 is now available to the world. SurveilStar will keep eye tirelessly into continuing technical innovation, production quality, enterprise information and unsurpassed service for all the customers.

Release SurveilStar Employee Monitoring 3.24 --- Say Yes to 64-bit Win7 System



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April 11th, 2012 SurveilStar Inc. announces SurveilStar Employee Monitoring 3.24, the latest update to its best-selling computer monitoring and management software to world, reflecting its determination to continuously improve product quality with growing technical innovation.

With this major upgrade, SurveilStar becomes stronger and expands the capability of business owners to monitor their employees within enterprise. This new version has fixed 64-bit windows 7 compatibility problem, which does meet the needs of more different users.

SurveilStar begins by automatically recording emails, chats, instant messages, web sites visited, programs run and much more. Then creates a complete, yet concise report, and IT managers can view whenever they want by logging onto the console. The new version also records all email and web-based mails and instantly copies employers on every email sent and received, ensuring inappropriate behavior or dangerous activity is revealed and addressed.

SurveilStar Employee Monitoring 3.24 incorporates enhanced activity recorders, ensuring Internet activities of more browsers are captured, such as IE9, Firefox 10.0.2, Opera 12, Safari 5.14 etc, including support for the latest versions of chat and instant messaging, such as Yahoo Chat, MSN Chat, ICQ, Skype etc. and then forwards those activities and chats to employer.

SurveilStar Employee Monitoring 3.24 also adds following functions:

1、 HTTP, FTP upload control policy

3、 The control of IM tools sending pictures

2、 Manage scope of client to upgrade

4、 Client configuration strategy

5、 Import or clear all sorts of policies

6、 Notification messages predefined

7、 Send notification messages with more than 256 characters

8、 Choose type of selection when searching computer and user objects

9、 Record MSNLite and OfficeIM

10、Export lot number of screen of history into a WMV file

11、Record computer information when screenshot saved as a picture

12、Screen history viewer supports application multiple choice

13、Restriction of IP range logs in to console

14、Email policy supports matching pattern of mails receiving

15、E-mail alerts support to alarm when client offline

16、E-mail alerts support SSL

The prior customer can simply Download upgrade package and upgrade the software to the latest version.

"SurveilStar is dedicated to the constant enhancement of Employee Monitoring Software to ensure our customers - wherever they may be - remain capable of capturing every activity of their employee. We will keep eyes tirelessly into continuing, production quality, enterprise information and unsurpassed service, and will one day develop it into a cross-platform version."


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