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Monitoring Software

Monitoring software helps you keep track of everything that happens on your employees' computers when you're not there. SurveilStar is a reliable monitoring software program that meets and exceeds expectations.    

SurveilStar -- Computer Activity Monitoring Software

SurveilStar monitoring software was designed for LAN monitoring and employee monitoring. You can find every detail about your employees' PC and Internet usage on server. SurveilStar is the powerful employee monitoring software for companies in all size. It allows you to know every detail about your employees' PC and Internet activities, and prevents them from something which is not allowed as well..

SurveilStar monitoring software

The use of computer and Internet can be one of our best resources, providing a plethora of information and media to our homes and offices. However, it can also be a formidable adversary. The internet can also be an endless distraction and a cause for employees neglecting their jobs.

Monitoring internet use, however, is getting progressively easier. New software produced by another company, Omniquad, lets an employer secretly monitor what his staff is doing on their computer terminals.

Everybody's computer use leaves a record, and SurveilStar can record and replay it.

SurveilStar monitoring software

Internet monitoring

SurveilStar can monitor the webpages that your employees and children have visited. Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube … Whatever website they visit, SurveilStar keep a detailed record of who, when, what, how long and how often they browse the Internet.

SurveilStar monitors every web page that is accessed on the computer and saves a chronological record for your review. And it’s much more than a simple website history. The website statistics report will summarize a char of top10 visited websites and other reports, so that you can quickly get a clear overview of what they are doing online.

Computer monitoring

Monitor your computer openly, allowing the user to know they are being monitored, or undetected, in stealth mode.

Word processor, spreadsheet, PhotoShop, ERP, iTunes, IM apps, desktop games… SurveilStar records every program and application activity, and provides administrator the ability to control the use of all desktop software.

Processor, DVD drive, CD drive, keyboard, mouse, network adapters, printers … SurveilStar can record computer hardware and software assets information in details, of every single monitored computer.

IT manager can control the use of these assets. If someone tries to add, delete or change these monitored assets, alert message can be sent to administrator, and control policies, such as Disable Device or Lock Computer, can be automatically triggered and applied to stop potential sabotage.

Email monitoring

SurveilStar automatically saves a copy of every email sent or received. Even when the email was deleted, SurveilStar will keep a copy for you to review.

You can see all contents in recorded emails: Subject, Sender, Recipients, content, and attachments. By default, SurveilStar backups all email attachments. You can retrieve the attachments for review. Besides recording all email communications, SurveilStar can also block outgoing emails that match specified terms (web mail and Lotus email excluded).

Mail policy is used to control outgoing email, thus prevent information leakage via emails. You can block outgoing emails to certain recipients, emails with certain words in the subject, or emails with attachments.

Network monitor software

The network management feature enables IT administrator to monitor network status in real-time, and quickly diagnose and fix network problems.

Administrator can allocate different bandwidth to different users/computers; block FTP/P2P file transfer, and control file sharing over network.

Network Traffic Policy is used to control and allocate corporate network bandwidth. The bandwidth can also be controlled based on the specified IP range or network port. SurveilStar can allocate different bandwidth to different users, or completely block certain user’s connection to LAN and the Internet.

SurveilStar is an enterprise-class monitoring solutions for hosts, services, and networks.

IM monitoring

Whether it’s ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, AIM, Skype, Lotus Sametime, or Tencent QQ, SurveilStar automatically records and saves the chat conversations and instant messages for your later review.

The Instant Message log includes: IM applications, computer name, user name, contact person, begin time, end time, and the contents of Instant Messages.

Whether it’s MSN, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger or ICQ, SurveilStar can block suspicious file transfer via any of these IM tools, by file name, file size, or file extension.

Productivity monitoring

The application statistics generated by SurveilStar helps you analyse assess employees’ working behavior and appraise their productivity and efficiency. The top 10 used applications summary gives you a quick glance of how your employees spend working time, processing documents, drawing graphics, or just surfing the Internet, chatting and listening music all day long?

Monitoring employee

There can't be many office-workers who don't sometimes play games on their computers, or sneak a look at naked people on the Internet. Email is often used to circulate jokes or snide remarks about colleagues. Most people probably regard it as harmless fun.

But employers can't see it that way. They may be legally liable for downloaded obscenity or defamatory emails. And they don't like their staff wasting time.

Now they have a high-tech means to combat these problems by monitoring - in effect spying - on their employees.

Firms are increasingly using advanced technology to keep an eye on their workers, according to a recent report by the TUC. So what techniques can be used?

If you are at work right now, your boss might know you are reading this. Software can be installed in your computer that can measure how fast you are typing, which web pages you are visiting and what e-mails you are sending. A program called Investigator allows employers to monitor every single key stroke an employee makes. It also takes periodic screen shots of what's being displayed on the computer (including dodgy sites). And if your PC has a web cam, the program can also take secret photos of you.

SurveilStar is the employee monitoring software to monitor all employee internet activities, web usage, and more. Employee monitoring software is a means of employee monitoring, and allows company administrators to monitor and supervise all their employee computers from remote control.

Computer monitoring software secretly records all computer and internet activity .

This monitoring program is developed to track and record computer behavior. It's also the quality and affordable spy software and computer monitoring software for recording activity on remote or local PC. Internet and computer monitoring software allows you to perform employee monitoring and internet usage tracking in your company. It is designed for LAN monitoring and employee monitoring. You can find every detail about your employees' PC and Internet usage on server.