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IBM Lotus Sametime Instant Messenger Monitor

Lotus Sametime is a popular IM tool for internal communication of an enterprise. Though it is more secure than other instant messengers, but its chatting content should also be carefully taken care of in case of information leakage. Learn more...

SurveilStar- Lotus Sametime Monitoring Software

When talking about what instant messaging tool we used for on-line communication, it is not surprising to hear people say famous and free ones like Windows Live, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Tencent QQ, ICQ, etc... All these tools can basically meet our demands of small scale daily communication on the Internet.
Unlike such personal and less secure talks, internal communications among enterprise members require high security protection to guarantee that confidential business information will not be leaked by those talks. Because the mentioned IM tools are similar, not only in functions but also in their performances, none of them will be able to well encrypt chatting content and prevent the data leakage. Meanwhile, considering the integration aspect, if an instant messenger is able to integrated with other communicating methods like emails, text messages, phones, it would be a better choice. Also, for big enterprises, it is not hard to imagine that there may be hundreds even thousands of employees login the communication server at the same time, is the system capable enough to adjust the load effectively?
Therefore, enterprise managers and supervisors nowadays are more desperate than ever for finding an immediate and cost-effective tool to take action across their organization. Well, the development of Lotus Sametime is like a gift falling from the sky...
As for many people who have used Lotus Sametime, we all know its most outstanding point is the seamless handover and roaming between Internet and reality. But how about its security performance? Is it real that you will not have to worry about any possible business information which may be talked about by staffs via Lotus Sametime form being leaked? Is it necessary to have a plan B while using Lotus Sametime? Are you trying hard to get something wonderful to better guard your staff members' chatting details via Lotus Sametime?

What is Lotus Sametime?

Lotus Sametime sounds unfamiliar for many people because IBM really keeps it low-key. According to its official claim, Lotus Sametime is a social communications tool which is also the evolution of unified communications, providing integrated voice, data and video. Moreover, it can be an easy access to your everyday enterprise instant messaging, video conferences and more-wherever you are working.

Why we should keep an eye on Lotus Sametime chats?

Every talk among company staff members may have something to do with work or work related affairs. It is possible to touch business information which cannot be told to people outside the company. Because it is one of the most probable way for commerce spies to steal business information. Anyway, some careless employees are also possible to leak data inside the company without getting aware of it.

How to monitor Lotus Sametime With Surveilstar

SurveilStar is an outstanding software for monitoring Lotus Sametime chats, making enterprise internal communication more secure and easy to control.

Step 1 Get the latest version of Surveilstar and correctly install on the relevant computers- Agents for monitored computers, console and server are for monitoring computers.
Step 2: After installations, enter console with administrator privilege.
Step 3: Click "Monitoring"> "Instant Messages" on the menu of the main interface. All Lotus Sametime chatting content will recorded and all related computer name, user name, time will also be captured. You can export the records.

Want to monitor Lotus Sametime? Do not hesitate to try Surveilstar!