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Is Facebook is a major threat in improving employee productivity?

Facebook is where people can connect family, friends in real life, develop friendship with strangers sharing the same interest. Despite the influences it places, will facebook make people too lazy to go around instead of watching $ posting at home all day?

Is employee productivity an important factor in bringing the company to success? Will Facebook do harm to the improvement of employee efficiency?

Thanks to the significantly developed technology, we are given various kinds of ways in communicating with each other. Technology has touched almost every slight part of our lives. It makes it possible for us to have a faster, easier access to nurture relationship, enjoy a better social interactions.

Well, we add people into our social network within Facebook where most people go. We grab a list of names, collect profiles and get connected with their owners. We follow, read, share opinions around our network and send messages for an immediate chat if we want to. It narrows the distance between people of different world like offering fans more accesses to better know their idols. Facebook could also be a place for free speech where you can speak freely with justice. Services Facebook has provided makes people easy to connect, relationship easy to expanded and deepen.

And yet most of us know, and a recent survey discovered during analyzing the particular crowd of using Facebook, Facebook abuse has reached the toppest level of all years. It also claimed that most employees will login their Facebook account to view recent updates from their connections.

With the company resources being wasted for non-work related affairs, no wonder why so many companies are eager to seek a solution for better manage the employees' on-line activities during office time. But that's not easy as it sounds. Not every "powerful method" turns out to be effective and part of that work involves the right tool to do the right thing, also avoid letting employees feel being humiliated by the way you accomplish it.

So, regulating the use of Facebook should be placed as emergent priority to handle of a company. What on earth can we do about Facebook abuse? How to block Facebook or limit Facebook use during working? Topics like these should be mentioned and well concerned in monitoring Facebook use.

Can we stop the Internet access to Facebook during working hours?

Yes. There are many ways to block or limit the use of Facebook as you can learn it from e-how or other websites. Also, here are some tips- if you do meet the demand of doing so, you had better-
1. Make a time schedule and allow Facebook or other social networking accesses for rest time.
2. Remind the staffs of this employee monitoring method, or politely call it a company management policy.
3. Be aware of if your monitoring is legal or not in your country.

How to use Surveilstar to clear the Facebook threat to the company?

Surveilstar is a useful tool to manage the use of Facebook. All steps are fairly straight forward within several minutes, a few clicks on the keyboard.

Step 1- Load the latest version of Surveilstar to your and your employees' computer terminals. Separately install component according to your actual requirements for each computer. (FYI- Agent for computers you want to limit Facebook access with. Console for control and block Facebook while Server for saving the changes you do for your Internet connections and computer policies. )
Step 2- Login the console and click "Websites" under "Basic Policy" of the menu. Create a facebook policy for improving employees' productivity and avoid Facebook abuse during work.
facebook block policy
Step 3- View policy logs via "Policy" under "Event Log". If a user triggers a policy, here will record it and you will know who visits Facebook at which time.
Step 4- You can get websites statistics to know if your employees have spent too much time on non-work related things.

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