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How To Monitor The Use Of Tencent QQ During Working

The excessive use of Tencent QQ during work can be regarded as an abuse of company resource and loss of working responsibility. To employers, how to monitor QQ comes as a priority and needs to be solved soon. Learn More...

Track Tencent QQ To Avoid Personal Chats Flood In Workplace

Instant messaging clients are designed for real-time communication between two or more people owning different computers or devices. It offers quick transmission of text-based messages and even allows enhanced modes of communication like audio calling. Of importance is that the modern immediate, on-line chats eliminates the traditional calls we made before. It makes communications convenient.
Tencent QQ is one of such IM tools. It originally copied ICQ and soon developed to world-level messenger. It is the hottest instant messaging tool in China which is currently used by millions of Chinese to communicate. Every QQ internal resembles a huge social network containing groups like good friends, family, acquaintances... Most Chinese people love to load this adware in every device they possess so that they can access to view friends' on-line status wherever they are.
For the wide use of Tecent QQ, it is not surprising to see the frantic enthusiasm reach and spread to the workplace. In that case, it rises a problem to most company mangers to fix- how to block or restrict the use of Tencent QQ? The abuse of such instant messengers will lead personal chat a normal pastime for some employees. And it do have influence on staffs' working productivity. For those reasons, there is no doubt that company supervisors are desperate to find a way to monitor Tencent QQ.

How can Surveilstar do for monitoring Tencet QQ?

You may be interested on monitoring Tencent QQ with the following purposes-

1. Restrict the using time of QQ
2. Prohibit the running of some QQ components.
3. Directly block QQ application.
4.Block other accesses and any kind of login on QQ.
5. Restrict the use of other instant messengers like QQ.
5. Many more...

Actually Surveilstar is a monitoring software in the first place whose most astonishing part is not more than trace or monitor, it can also control. With setting flexible policies, applications like Tencent QQ can be limited in using.

How Surveilstar performs?

With installing Surveilstar agents on the staff members' computers, a company manager will be able to read all text-based messages happened among Tencent QQ users. All transferred conversations' content will be captured and display with participants, name, start & end time... It works exactly like a keylogger and skip those tedious part of keystroke logging. Besides, Surveilstar allows you to set policies for blocking QQ or restrict its use.

How to use Surveilstar on monitoring Tencent QQ?

Step 1. Load Surveilstar agents on your employees' computers or the computers you want to keep an eye on.
Step 2. Load Surveilstar console on your own computer so that you can view data collected from agent.
Step 3. Login console and check "Instant Message" tab to see every conversation your employees have on Tencent QQ.
Step 4. Set "Application Policy" to restrict the use of Tencent QQ. You can limit the using time and allow its use during non-work hours. You can also block the access of QQ as you like.

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