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How can we know when our computers are spied by others?

The situation that computers are spied is unlike computer got affected by virus or Trojan. They have something in common but not the same in essence. So, how can we figure out if we are spied or just get a virus affection? Learn more...

How can I know if my computer is being spied?

Absence of the manager or the boss on a working day may not represent the liberation of the whole company or the "lucky day" of all staffs. If your company happens to be in such leisure state one day, you'd better watch out if you are intended to have some fun for yourself. Because the savvy employer may not be that stupid to leave you alone on the company-owned computer without making sure you are doing what you deserve to do. They probably have taken actions to prevent you from doing non-work related things while he is out, ensuring that you can accomplish the task he has arranged.
For these purposes, it is not surprising at all to see monitoring tools being taken advantages of. Well, these tools include spying cameras, computer monitoring software even relevant responsible personnel & their monitoring reports... In a word, nothing is impossible in this competitive reality world.
Sounds creepy? Definitely! But we are unable to do something about it for employee monitoring is legal in most countries. Considering you are using the company resources like laptops, Internet connections, wifi to do the current job. The managers or bosses have the right to monitor you.
But this does not mean staff members have to sit down and compromise. Of course, here is not encouraging you to be a lazy employee and watch Youtube videos during working hours. Here just let you know how to be aware of the employee monitoring.

How to tell if the computer is being spied or virus affected?

Virus affection is unlike computer spying which is much easier to be recognized and detected by anti-virus software. Virus will do harm to files stored in the computers and make the whole computer run slowly, the mouse cursor blink.
While to computer spying, most of them are made use of employee monitoring software such as keyloggers, activity monitor... They are difficult for anti-virus software to detect except for the keylogging software. (Because keyloggers are using the technology which may lead the anti-virus software or virus killer believe the software is suspicious. Also, considering employee monitoring tools are designed for such specific purposes, their developers may regularly upload files to get certification from anti-virus software organizations.
So, just be aware of which slowness reflects on your computer and make sure if you are being spied or virus affected.

How to avoid being monitored?

1. Try anti-virus software with powerful, deep scanning ability.
2. Open Windows firewalls as much as you can.
3. Backup system immediately after reinstalling system.
4. Regularly check disk file and Google those unknown/suspicious document/image/shortcuts...
5. Open task manager to check unrecognized task especially when the computer suddenly runs slowly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate ask from Surveilstar Support Team.