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What are the general employee monitoring methods?

Have you ever wondered the employees you hired may poss security risks for you? Are you always trying to find out what they are actually doing during office hours? Is that thought creepy or? Do you really trust them? Learn more...

Employee Monitoring Measures

Having placed trust on employees and treated them as families would be a great, unimaginable wonderful thing for many bosses pursuing success. Because every wise employer will know that staff members may one day be his/her strongest backup forces. No tricks, no lies, no betray, just passion and loyalty in helping the leader and the company climb to the top. Those people would be together to share tears and joy while they achieve one goal, accomplish something well or celebrating a temporary success.
Well, this must be something someone is always dreaming of- Having a team, fighting for the same goal together, despite the position people may stand. Every employer would surely be happy to see things going like this. And trust me, most employees feel in the same way.
But unlucky, not every person is that nice. This statement can be applied to both an employer and an employee. There are more or less some incompetent ones who would finally destroy the trust and lead to a situation that none of them would like to see- employee monitoring measures.
Well, this does not mean the initiative turns to the hands of employers and the employees only has to bear it. Because this kind of monitoring including many aspects like phone, Internet, computer monitoring which are claimed to be creepy and insulting to humans. Many talents would choose to leave the company if they are treated like this. Thus, human resources are draining and this has no benefits for the employer or the company except that they are doing this to force you to leave the job. Of course, only idiots would do something like that.
Apparently, not every company using employee monitoring tools indicates a distrustful emotion to staffs, it is sometimes a simple way to protect company assets and ensure Internal security, stop confidential documents from being leaked. This could be understandable unless the employer tells the employees about the whole monitoring thing.

What are used to monitor employee?

1. Spy software installed on company owned computers, laptops, cell phones...
2. Spy cameras hanging over heads in the office.
3. Block networks for disallowing entertainment websites, applications...
4. Specific personnel spying secrets among coworkers.
5. Regularly surveys claimed to be company care.
6. Many more...

Is employee monitoring that necessary?

Well, it depends. For workplace security, it would be helpful but if you are just meant for some other purposes, it would be really creepy without doubt.

How can I find an ideal monitoring tool?

1. Search with keywords like "computer monitoring", "Spyware" on Google;
2. Search via Amazon;
3. Find related answers from Yahoo Answers;
4. Get some ideas from forums;
5. View tech blogs, review sites...
6. Get big brands for different types of monitoring tools.
7. Ask friends;
8. Many more...

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