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Free Computer Monitoring Software to Secure PC/Internet Activities

Everything you have done on computer and Internet offers chance to cybercriminals to know your personal information, steal money from your accounts. Surveilstar introduces a free, professional, complete solution for computer & on-line privacy. Learn more...

Surveilstar- Free Solution for On-line Security

Hackers nowadays, even those without knowing too much about technical knowledge, can easily purchase malware to illegally begin their on-line criminals. Because those malware especially financial malware is designed exactly for identity theft purposes. They typically can eavesdrop people's private conversations via IM tools, get to know their personal information like family addresses, phone numbers on a registered web account, steal documents stored in computers even access confidential banking accounts by making use of people's on-line shopping records. All these not only bring inconvenience for us but also greatly affect cyber users' trust of the Internet security.

Surveilstar free activity monitor is able to help with-
1. Websites Monitoring : Control Internet access and prevent Internet abuse
2. Emails Monitoring : Record emails and prevent data leakage
3. MSN chats Monitoring : Record MSN chats and control file transfer
4. File transfer Monitoring: Record and control all files uploaded & downloaded

Compatible systems: Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7


If you looking for a better version of Surveilstar to 100% secure your computer/Internet, you may also try Surveilstar Enterprise Edition.

How to use Surveilstar to guard computers/Internet?

Step 1- Download and install the latest version of Surveilstar free activity monitor on Surveilstar official website. Make sure that the system requirements fit and please note that Surveilstar free version is unable to work on a Windows7 64 bit computer for now. But It is OK on Windows7 32 bit computer. If you want to try complete control of Windows7 64 bit computer, Surveilstar Enterprise Edition can help.
Step 2- After correctly installations of agent and console/server, login console with default user name & password- both are "admin". Do not change the name and password if possible because Surveilstar free version does not support password retrieve. Anyway, the future version will add this function to allow you change name & password.
Step 3- Surveilstar will automatically search agent computer in its LAN and it will be listed on the console if exists. You can view emails transferred, websites visited history, MSN chats content as you like.

Is it necessary to have a computer monitoring?

Yes, considering the severe situation of on-line privacy at present, it is important for every cyber user to do so. With Surveilstar free computer monitoring software, your Internet privacy is secured with few clicks in several minutes. You will not have to worry about on-line security in the future any more.