Cyber Safety Facts and Tips for Protecting Children from Internet Dangers

In order to protect your kids, as a parent, you should know how to keep your children safe on the Internet. Here the following are cyber facts and tips for parents and childcare givers to help keep your children surf serious, surf smart and surf safe.

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Cyber Safety Statistics Parents Should Know

The dominant use of the Internet varies with the age of the child. Younger children use online games in the main; whilst older children use the Internet for conducting web searches as well as for communicating - through email, chat and increasingly in social networking sites. So it is important for parents learn something about cyber safety fact and tips for protecting kids from cyber dangers. Parents, if you don’t know about the need to keep kids safe online, keep reading the following online safety statistics on children's internet habits. I believe you it will shock you!

Cyber Safety Statistics:

Fortunately research shows that adults are catching up with kids in the use of text messaging. In 2006-2008, texting by adults ages 45 to 54 increased 130 percent. Half of texting adults say they started sending messages so they could communicate with their children.

Some News on Cyber Safety

In order to keep your kids surf serious, surf smart and surf safe, as a parent, you should know how to keep your children safe on the Internet. Here the following's cyber facts and tips maybe can help you for protecting kids from cyber dangers.

New Cyberbullying Law in Missouri

A new anti-cyberbullying law went into effect in Missouri on August 27, 2010. Just in time for the new school year, Missouri school districts must now address the issue of cyberbullying in their discipline policies. Electronic bullying will now be treated like "traditional" face-to-face bullying.

90000 Predators Removed from MySpace

In case you didn't think predators were still lurking on social networking sites, guess again. According to the Associated Press, 90,000 sexual predators have been identified and removed from the popular social networking site, MySpace.

If you recall, attorneys general from around the country united last year in a combined effort to make social networking sites safer by using a variety of methods. One method was to remove sexual predators from the sites.

MySpace currently has over 130 million users. The amount of predators actually removed from the site was about double what the MySpace estimate was.

Cyberbullying alarm raised

Cyber bullying is fast becoming a cause for concern, according to a survey showing that nine out of 10 youngsters in Hong Kong and Macau have either been the perpetrator or victim of bullying over the past three months.

The association, along with its sister association in Macau interviewed 1,108 people aged between 6 and 24 last month. Among the findings: half of the respondents in Hong Kong had bullied people, which included the use of abusive words, physical bullying, extorting money and teaming up against or isolating others.

About 60 percent had been bullied by others during the past three months, with three quarters of the incidents in Hong Kong happening in schools. About 40 percent who witnessed bullying stayed out of the matter, with only 30 percent of them seeking help from police, teachers and social workers.

Cyber Safety Tips for Parents & Kids

Statistics on cyber safety are real and are only getting worse, so how do we keep kids safe online? Here are some tips for parents and kinds about how to make sure cyber safety of using the Internet.

Cyber Safety Tips for Parents

1. Educate children to be "Internet Safe Kids" by making sure they use safe internet practices at all times, especially when using chat rooms, instant messaging and social networks such as Facebook, as these are the most popular and the most dangerous for our kids.

2. Set boundaries for your kids' computer and internet use. Stress to your child never accept unsolicited email, files, photographs, videos or attachments from online strangers.

3. Along with education is just as importantly to monitor your child’s internet use at all times. Parental Control Software gives your kids the freedom to use the internet, at the same time flagging any behavior you feel is inappropriate.

Education and Monitoring software are by far the best ways to keep your kids safe online and have Internet Safe Kids!

Cyber Safety Tips for Kids

SurveilStar -- Protect Your Children Against Cyber Dangers

Tһе internet һаѕ become a second world tο υѕ. It іѕ аlmοѕt impossible not tο υѕе tһе internet when every раrt οf our lifestyle іѕ connected tο іt аnԁ һаѕ ѕοmе need οf іt. Lеt’s face іt, wе саnnοt prevent our children frοm using tһе computer. Tһаt іѕ nοt tһе solution fοr your kids’ safety οח tһе internet. If parents аrе tο keep tһеіr children safe online, tһеу need tο bе responsible enough tο educate themselves аnԁ tһеіr children аbοut tһе reality οf cyber dangers аnԁ take tһе nесеѕѕаrу steps tο exercise tһе proper parental controls without delay.

If you are really concerned about your children's online safety you can install computer monitoring software like SurveilStar this is a parental control software solution and will help you protect your kids against from cyber dangers.

To start an all-out strategic battle to protect my kids from online cyber dangers, while still letting them safely enjoy the games and resources that are available on the Internet, SurveilStar is the perfect solution that can be used for filtering web site content and monitoring the web sites my kids are viewing on the Internet:

Parental Control Software

SurveilStar comes with an advanced content filtering module which allows you to block websites on-the-fly. Our goal as parents should be to allow our children to experience the benefits of the internet while protecting them from the dangers. The use of parental control software allows you to achieve both of these goals. Parental control software allows your child to freely use the internet but also allows you as the parent to fully monitor this usage.

Parental control software allows you to monitor who your children are communicating with via email, chat sites, and instant messages. In addition, it allows you to actually view what your children are viewing on the internet through the use of recorded screen shots. Parental control software allows you to log websites your children visit that contain keywords you have selected. SurveilStar parental control software is easy to install and set up.

The goal of parental control software is not to violate your children's right to interact with their friends but to learn of any problems early so they can be dealt with quickly before any real harm can come to your child.

After parents have learnt the cyber safety facts and tips, they must believe that it is necessary to install a parental control software on their local computer for protecting kids from cyber dangers.

SurveilStar Parental Control Software is an ultimate invisible and undetectable easy-to-use activity monitoring and surveillance tool (surveillance software) for individual PCs. Focus on monitoring visited websites, received and sent emails, instant messages and transferred files let you keep an eye on your children online activities.

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