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Record All Your Employees' G-Talk Conversations from Both Sides

google talk monitoring

Surveilstar monitoring software supports IM tools like icq, google talk (gtalk) and. It records and stores all coming/going gtalk conversations among different google users, offers a complete & secure solution for confidential business information leakage.

Though the google talk has taken advantages of the current encryption technology for secure on-line communication, Surveilstar can still record and save what has been talked about among users via google talk. No matter you are chatting with iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, the only thing you need to make sure is that the conversation has one pc involved. All transferring messages will be recorded in the pc and monitored by Surveilstar google talk monitor.

What is Google Talk?

Google talk, basically know as the "gtalk", is an IM tool developed by Google for transferring instant messages among different google users, both text and voice communications are available. It has been used worldwide as most people's primary instant messager. This success may owe to gmail, because in many western countries almost everyone has a google email account and this naturally makes google talk a first choice on on-line chatting. Meanwhile, google talk is integrated into gmail. So people can chat freely by opening a small windows on gmail page. All in all, google talk can be regarded as a relatively common IM tool, no better than Skype, QQ, MSN or other good IM tools. That is because it almost includes every good point of instant messager but performs relatively poorly. Such as the file transfer, the bold/italic font support...

Why monitor Google Talk?

Google talk is a useful chat tool, but it is unwise if an employee uses it for non-work related conversations during office hours. It will not only do bad to working productivity improvements, but also generate a high risk for business information leakage. Because little related chat content may have something to do with the company privacy. Even the staff may not have realized it, that does not mean those malicious-intention-harboring people will not make use of the information.

In a word, it is necessary to keep a close eye on our google talk chattings. Despite the employee monitoring situation mentioned above, the monitoring of google talk also gives us a backup for the files transferred between google users. We could use the monitoring records to retrieve those files if we accidentally deleted them or forgets where we have placed them.

Anyway, the google talk monitoring can also be applies for every worrying parent. The monitor is an alternative to prevent children from being cheated by strangers on google talk.

After all, the google talk monitor does not mean that we need to suspect everything, everyone around us. It is just a one-size-fits-all method.

Getting Google Talk Monitor Started With Surveilstar

SurveilStar is typically known as a software for monitoring employee, which does not require extra deployment on employees' computers and allows a real-time monitoring for on-line chats with IM tools. Google Talk is supported by Surveilstar. In order to be alerted about google talk suspicious activities and monitoring lively, here will shows how-

Step1: Download the latest version of Surveilstar monitoring software.

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Step2: Install the agent on the google talk chatting computer and console on the monitoring computer, the server can be set on a third pc or the console pc too.

Step3: Restart all computers after installations.

Step4: Enter the console and click "Monitoring"> "Instant Messages". The recorded gtalk content will listed with computer, user, participants... You can view the details by clicking any one of the record.

Want to monitor google talk? Do not hesitate to try Surveilstar!


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