Common Net Acronyms Parents Must Know

The Internet is an invaluable resource for your child, both in terms of learning as well as in fostering healthy social interactions. But the Internet also has a much-publicized dark side: Predators, porn, and cyberbullying are just a sampling of the unsavory situations your child can encounter online.

To protect your children from online dangers—while still allowing them to take full advantage of the wealth of learning the Internet has to offer—parents must be technologically informed and astute. Here, we list the most common net acronyms to help parents learn something they need to know about keeping their kids safe online.
F2F, or, Face to Face.

This acronym should definitely raise red flags for any parent that sees it pop up. Recent television programs have documented the shocking rise of Internet predators seeking to have sexual experiences with underage boys and girls. When (or if) your son or daughter begins talking about face to face meetings with someone, it behooves you to know exactly who that someone is, when and where the proposed meeting will take place, and why.
P911, or, My parents are in the room.

Now, this acronym has two parts. for parents and for we better talk about something else. Parents should know this acronym because it usually implies that the users are discussing something they don’t want their parents to know. Now, you don’t want your children to feel as though you are heavily breathing over their shoulder as they talk with their friends, make new ones, and enjoy these new methods of instant communication. Therefore, an open policy of trust is the best way to go about it. It is best to sit down with your children and express you concerns and have a frank discussion of the dangers that children face on the Internet today. That way, your children don’t have to be afraid to come to you if they find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

Get an Internet Monitor — SurveilStar Parental Control(

The Internet is a fertile ground for stalkers, predators, pedophiles, pornographers, cyberbullies and other criminals waiting to take advantage of your unsuspecting children. Kids can keep much of their online behavior a mystery to their parents by masking it in a maze of acronyms, abbreviations, and emoticons. To learn what they’re really doing and saying on Internet for protecting their online safety, a great parental control software is necessary.

Keep Your Child Safe On The Internet

As a concerned parent, if your child uses the internet, you need to learn all you can to protect your child and your family from internet threats & vulnerabilities. But you can’t watch your kids all the time that they’re on the computer, but it’s helpful to have the ability to track their Internet activity when you’re not around, as well as other types of computer usage such as IM chats and email.

If you are really concerned about your children’s online safety you can install computer monitoring software like SurveilStar( this is a parental control software solution and will help you track emails, IM’s, chats, social networking, websites visited, images viewed, etc.

To start an all-out strategic battle to protect my kids from online dangers, while still letting them safely enjoy the games and resources that are available on the Internet, SurveilStar is the perfect solution that can be used for filtering web site content and monitoring the web sites kids are viewing on the Internet.

SurveilStar — Parental Control Software

SurveilStar Parental Control( can block not only pornography, but hate sites, questionable chat rooms and other dangers of the Internet. You can configure SurveilStar Parental Control to block online game and gambling sites, and even make it so your children can only install and play computer games with parental ratings that you deem appropriate. SurveilStar Parental Control even offers a simple, easy to use set-up assistant to help parents determine what online activities (Web sites, chat, gaming and social networks) are appropriate based on your family member’s age.

SurveilStar Parental Control essentially records and tracks all computer and Internet activity such as; both sides of chat and instant messaging, web pages visited with screen shots of some of the pages, email, keystrokes, peer-to-peer downloading, and everything else. This recorded information is then made available to you, the parent, to allow you to keep track of what your kids are doing, where they are doing it and with whom they are doing it with. For protecting kids from Internet dangers, parents must understand the essentials of Parental Control systems, chat room and social networking dangers, interpreting your kids chat shorthand (LMIRL – let’s meet in real life, PAW—parent are watching), and much more. For the parents, the more common net acronyms you have learnt, the safer your kids on Internet.

Cyber Safety Facts and Tips

In order to protect your kids, as a parent, you should know how to keep your children safe on the Internet. Here the following are cyber facts and tips for parents and childcare givers to help keep your children surf serious, surf smart and surf safe.In order to protect your kids, as a parent, you should know how to keep your children safe on the Internet. Here the following are cyber facts and tips for parents and childcare givers to help keep your children surf serious, surf smart and surf safe.

cyber safety tipsKeeping kids from visiting inappropriate websites and ensuring their use of appropriate monitored chatrooms with SurveilStar Parental Control Software – web based Internet monitoring software. Keep parental control over child’s safety and online activity. Ensure Internet safety for kids & teens and prevent them from Internet dangers.

Cyber Safety Statistics Parents Should Know

  • 95% of parents don’t recognize the lingo kids use to let people know that their parents are watching;
  • 89% of sexual solicitations are made in either Chat Rooms or Instant Messages;
  • 20% of children age 10-17 have been solicited sexually online; that’s 1 out of every 5 kids;
  • 75% of youth who received an online sexual solicitation did not tell a parent;
  • One third of kids have been contacted by a stranger and half of these were considered inappropriate

Cyber Safety Tips for Parents

1. Educate children to be “Internet Safe Kids” by making sure they use safe internet practices at all times, especially when using chat rooms, instant messaging and social networks such as Facebook, as these are the most popular and the most dangerous for our kids.

2. Set boundaries for your kids’ computer and internet use. Stress to your child never accept unsolicited email, files, photographs, videos or attachments from online strangers.

3. Along with education is just as importantly to monitor your child’s internet use at all times. Parental Control Software gives your kids the freedom to use the internet, at the same time flagging any behavior you feel is inappropriate.

Education and Monitoring software are by far the best ways to keep

SurveilStar Any Parental Control — Protect Your Children Against Cyber Dangers

SurveilStar Any Parental Control is designed for parents to monitor kids’ online activity. With this software, parents can grabs screenshots, record sent and received mails, record chatting messages, monitor and record visited websites. So parents shield your children from cyber bullies, predators and adult oriented websites, and ensure you have the control you need over children online activity.

The goal of parental control software is not to violate your children’s right to interact with their friends but to learn of any problems early so they can be dealt with quickly before any real harm can come to your child.

Internet SafetyAfter parents have learnt the cyber safety facts and tips, they must believe that it is necessary to install a parental control software on their local computer for protecting kids from cyber dangers.

SurveilStar Parental Control Software is an ultimate invisible and undetectable easy-to-use activity monitoring and surveillance tool (surveillance software) for individual PCs. Focus on monitoring visited websites, received and sent emails, instant messages and transferred files let you keep an eye on your children online activities.

Protect Children from Teen Sexting

Are you concerned about what your Child does on their computers? Are you worried that your children will abuse their computer privileges? Parental Control Software to Stop Teen Sexting is now available. Keep them safe from the penalties of Sexting!

What is Sexting?

Sexting is defined as the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically,

primarily between cell phones. Among teenagers these days Sexting is the “In thing to do”. If your child is caught sexting they can be charged and prosecuted for child pornography. One bad decision can turn your teen into a convicted sexual predator. Do not let this happen to your child. Parental Control Software for Cell Phones can stop sexting.

Alarming Teenage Sexting Statistics:

  • 20% of teenagers overall;
  • 22% of teen girls;
  • 18% of teen boys;
  • 11% of young teen girls 13-16;

Sexting among teens is a new fad and it is on the rise like a national epidemic. It is strange to consider since they too are minors, but anyone regardless of age can be charged with this offense, the only important factor is the age of the person in the photo. The stats are staggering if you see below the number of kids involved in this are alarming. Let’s say you have five teenage kids, according to the stats above at least ONE of them will have participated in the act of sexting.

With SurveilStar Parental Control Software, you can make this do not happen to your child. Parental Control Software can stop sexting. Keep your child away from the Sexting Scene.

Parents Be Aware and Beware of “Sexting”

Parents need to realize that sexting is serious business! The laws in the US against child pornography are extremely strict. If caught sending pornographic images of underage people, it is not uncommon for teenagers to be tried as adults and end up being convicted of extremely serious crimes like distribution and/or possession of child pornography, which will follow them around for the rest of their lives.

So get involved to make sure your son or daughter doesn’t end up thinking that sexting is harmless, because it totally is not. Start using a parental control software today and clear up any doubts as to whether or not any computers in your house have child pornography on it.

Protect Your Children from Sexting

So if you are really concerned about your children’s online safety you can install computer monitoring software like SurveilStar this is a parental control software solution and it can monitor your child’s computer for Illegal Sexting Activity . With this parental control software, parents can easily know what their children have done on PC when they are supposed to do work or home assignment.