SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor — Monitor Instant Messaging

Are your employees spending too much time on chatting when working?Here SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor can remotely monitor Instant Messenger chats and automatically record chattings on ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, Skype, and Google Talk.

What is Instant Messenger

Instant Message Monitoring Software

Instant messaging is real-time communication. It’s a blend of e-mail and chat (since you send one to someone and get real-time communication), but better. It’s also fast eclipsing e-mail as the most popular Internet communication tool. Instant messaging is much faster than the other ways of internet messaging like e-mails and proffers instant gratification to the user. Nowadays, instant messaging is a popular way of social interactions. Answering e-mails is time-consuming and it does not indicate whether the person you want to communicate with, is online or not. Instant messaging not only saves time and money, but also enables faster messaging and also maintains the natural flow of conversation. Instant messaging is one of the best ways available on the internet, for staying in touch with relatives and friends.

Keep an Eye on Employees’ Online Activity

  • Are employees killing time on chatting?
  • What employees are chatting?
  • How much time have employees spent on chatting?
  • As a manager, you have to keep yourself informed of what employees are doing on the internet, do they express any opinion about you and the company for a better management or they even say something bad about the company. Start to know more about your employees by using Any Employee Monitor.

Instant Messaging Monitoring Software — Keep yourself informed

Instant Messaging Monitoring Software

The benefits of IMs are many. With this tool you can chat and communicate with anybody anywhere for free. Some Internet messengers even give you the option to call, if you have a microphone and speaker, or see the person you are calling or chatting with real-time, if you have a web cam. However, these advanced features and functions may lead to inefficient outcomes for a company, since employees might take advantage of your absence and chating on line. Any Employee Monitor help to keep you informed of what employee did while you were away, recording chattings, online activities and etc.

SurveilStar Instant Messaging Monitoring Software features:

* Monitoring and recording the activities of instant messenger such as MSN, ICQ and etc. remotely.

* Easy to use, quick live support.

* Hidden to user, Undetectable to anti-virus and anti-spyware.

* Recording Facebook/MySpace activity.

* Monitoring internet usage with detailed reports.

* Presenting a statistic on pages visited, time and length of visit, the application usage.

* Take screen snapshots in real time.

* Monitor and record sent & received email.

* Monitor the websites visited and block the unwanted websites.

* Much more features…

SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor is the Best Instant Messaging Monitoring Software for parents to monitor and record IM chats such as Skype, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, and Google Talk etc.

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Monitor Kids Computer Activity from Web Browser

Our children are spending a lot of time on the computer and internet to complete academic work, connect with friends, meet new people and access entertainment media. Yet, the Internet is a vast, loosely regulated world of information where children are frequently at risk of exploitation and exposure to inappropriate content. As a parent, it’s impossible to watch over your children’s shoulder every second they use a computer. So, it is important to take precautions to protect your family from Internet dangers and educate children about computer safety.

SurveilStar Any Parental Control is helpful parental monitoring software for parents to monitor kids Internet and computer usage. With this parental monitoring tool, parents can fully monitor children’s activity on Internet, like emails sent and received, online IM chats ( MSN, ICQ, AOL, Yahoo Messenger ), screenshots, website browsing history, application used, and more.

Steps to Monitor Your Kids Computer Activity from Web Browser

1. Download and install SurveilStar Any Parental Control Software.

2. Double click on SurveilStar Professional Control Panel desktop icon to open SurveilStar Control Center window in your default browser, such as Firefox, IE, Chrome.

3. Log in SurveilStar Control Center with default username and password “admin”.

On SurveilStar Control Center, you can monitor all your kids computer and Internet activities:

* Watch every screen snapshots
* Review all their online chats
* Read you child’s emails
* See every website they visited
* Filter unwanted applications
* Block inappropriate websites
* And much more…