Security surveillance and monitoring will rise greatly in 2015 to protect enterprise data and work procedures into whatever technical environments are utilized by employees to perform their job.

Goldcliff Circle Herndon, DC — (ReleaseWire) — 01/29/2015 — Monitoring employee activities in a digital environments are increasing, with 60% of companies likely to implement official PC monitoring software to keep track of external social networking websites for avoiding security breaches by 2015, according to EmpMonitor. Several businesses currently participate in social media monitoring included in brand marketing and management, but less than 10% of businesses currently utilize these same tactics as a part of their safety monitoring program.

To avoid, identify and remediate security cases, IT security companies have typically focused interest on the monitoring of inner infrastructure. The effect of IT consumerization, social media and cloud services renders this traditional strategy insufficient for leading choices concerning the safety of business info and work procedures.

Considering the fact that employees with valid access to company data assets are usually involved in security breaches, employee monitoring should focus on the activities and behavior wherever the employees follow a company-associated interactions with his/her computer systems. Quite simply, the growth of efficient security intelligence or control depends upon the capability to seize and evaluate user activities that happen outside and inside of the business IT environment.”

SurveilStar Employee Monitoring Software is a total solution for employer monitoring needs. This employee surveillance software with supervisory functions is like a remote monitoring camera which shows every activity on supervised computers in a network. Both computers have to be connected in same networking environment, domain or no-domain based with complete administrative privileges.
SurveilStar is an ultimate employee monitoring software and parental control software which can help monitor computer activities and protect data security. You can also block files uploading and sharing to prevent data leakage. Including:

computer monitoring

  • View Real-time Screen Snapshot
  • Monitor Skype or Other Chat/IM Activity
  • Record Emails
  • Track web browsing history
  • Block access to any website
  • Remote PC Maintenance
  • Program Activity

If you would like to record and control all your children or employees’ activities on working PC, SurveilStar Monitoring would be your best choice.

A 30-day free trial version of this professional computer monitoring and tracking software is available. Feel free to download and try to check what your employees and children have done on PC.