If the repeated and high profile security breaches of 2014 taught us anything, it’s that government agencies and companies — both big and small — need to be doing more to monitor their networks.

But, traditionally, network monitoring has been associated with those large enterprises, such as financial institutions, with growing and complex networks. These companies need full-traffic visibility to enable them to be proactive and reactive when it comes to data security and their reputation. To do it right requires experts, several of them. One to install and network the hardware. One to configure filters. Another to run the application, and then another to analyze the collected data. With cyber-attacks continuously in the news, midsize organizations are coming to the conclusion that they need the same levels of visibility.

Network Monitoring Will Become Easier

This move toward easier to deploy monitoring will be driven by midmarket companies and those companies with branch sites that are already starting to realize the need for centralized network monitoring. While many of the headlines from the past year focused on data breaches at large enterprises, smaller companies weren’t left untouched, and many executives have realized that there’s no such thing as “too small to hack.”

Then there are plenty of cyber criminals attempting to profit by accessing secure business data, intellectual property or consumer information. But it’s not just cybercriminals that these companies need to protect themselves from. Where they may have an even greater need for security is from either competitors or their own employees.

  • Frequently, companies have their servers hit by an overzealous employee at a competing company. Some companies are complaining that competitors are hiring hackers to access company information.
  • Or, possibly, a disgruntled former employee determined to strike what he or she thinks will be a crippling blow.

It is threats like these that midsize organizations need to protect themselves from. That’s why they need the visibility that monitoring can provide. That’s the only way to guarantee they can spot and address repeated attempts to breach the firewall by competitors, disgruntled former employees or cyber criminals.

They need to be able to see the traffic on their network, all of it. But, traditionally, to get that kind of visibility requires the type of monitoring infrastructure that is described above, one that is too costly for companies of this size and requires experts that they don’t have or can’t afford to hire. That’s why network monitoring is going to have to become easier to implement. The market is demanding it.

What is going to make network monitoring more accessible for these companies? Monitoring companies are going to have to bring all the different aspects of monitoring —the capturing, storage and analysis of the data — and put them all in one box that can be installed in a server room or closet. Now, it won’t have the complexity of an enterprise monitoring platform, as the kind that requires a stable of experts. What it will have, is all the functionality midsize organizations need to know when something is wrong so they can address the issue before it becomes a headline and a solution that is easily scalable for future growth.


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