Surveilstar Has Upgraded To Version 3.24.1223.20!

What‘s new in version 3.24.1223.20?
1. Add on-line upgrade feature.

2. Support multi-keywords search for Software Copyright Management.

3. Select default document type for Document Operation Logs’ search.

4. Select default policy type for Agent Configuration.

5. Support instant messages’ recording for enterprise QQ (400/800 version), 263EM4.0.

6. Add support for Opera 10.50 and 10.51, Comet Browser 8.0, 2345Exploer.

7. Add auto-alerts for agent communication error. It will also display the error agent.

8. Fix the IE9 recording error.

9. Fix Dell’s fingerprint recognition bug.

10. Fix UC8.23.4.22616, ICQ recording error.

11. Support Skype’s newest version (Skype 6.0).

12. Change the placement of Firefox browsing activities from “Document” Tab to “Browsing” Tab.

13. Add compatibility for Windows 8.

14. Support Tencent QQ’s newest version (QQ 2013).

15. Add suppprt to MSNlite, FeiQ 2012 beta.

16. Fix the bug for the policy delay.

17. Add support to browsers like SlimBrowser 6.0, Sleipnir 3.03, Realplayer embedded Browser.

Surveilstar Registration Issues

Where to find the Surveilstar registration page?
Right click the Surveilstar Service Controller, select “Tools”>”Register”. You may see the registration interface as below-
surveilstar registration
Primary SN- Auto-generated once you start a Surveilstar trial. It will display “Demo, XX days left”. If you have placed an order on Surveilstar, this part would be the activation code you from your Avangate order receipt.
Computer ID- Auto-generated, corresponding to your computer and it is your server computer’s unique identity.
RegCode- Also named PIN, which you do not need unless you want to register the demo software or extend your trial.
Company, Tel, Contact, Email- The information you leave on placing the order,also enabling you to use them to register Surveilstar. No need on a trial.

Why my registration fail?
Your Surveilstar registration may fail because of the following-
Do changes to server.
1. Migrate server.
Needs to re-register the software.
2. Expand the server storage capacity.
It will make the original server computer ID be unrecognizable.
Surveilstar will automatically send you a feedback email. Just click the link in the email and finish the confirmation.
3.Upgrade SQL Server lower versions to higher version.
Only by unninstalling the old SQL Server can the new one be successfully installed. After this, register the software again.
4. Reinstall Windows system of the server computer.
The unique server computer identity code (Computer ID)may become invalid.
5. Server error.
When your Surveilstar server is over loaded or has some other problems on running, this may also affect the registration of the software.
6. Other changes on Surveilstar server.
Upgrade to more licenses.
As the name suggests, the failure mostly appears on the upgrade re-registration process. Because, for upgrading your current Surveilstar to more licenses, your old activation code has to be deactivated and the new one needs to be loaded. During this, your upgrade operation may not be accepted by Surveilstar Inc. background.
(Well, you still have to wait for Surveilstar Support Team to send you the new activation code. Had to admit that this upgrade is really not that inconvenient. But it takes time to make a change for them…)
Anyway, the new Surveilstar upgrade code has to replace the old on the background and be added to the Surveilstar Inc. database. If you find your SN input correctly by showing the correct licenses number but you fail to finish the registration, you can ask Surveilstar Support Team to check the registration status for you. Typically, they will manually register your software and let you know. Or send you a RegCode to let you finish it.
Common Errors of Surveilstar Registration Failure
1. Code 1- Server information does not match the Surveilstar Inc. database.
Most users may probably think they have registered the software successfully earlier until they see this error. But the fact is, they have not finished the registration process (even though they thought they might have…) or at least not completely registered Surveilstar.

To fix this, here are the solutions-
Solution 1
You need to find the feedback email sent from email address and click the link embedded to finish registration. Feedback Email Sample
Dear Customer:
You have summited a new registration request.However, the
server information is different from the one you registered before. This may
caused by changing of hardware or operating system, or registering on
another computer. If you want to use this registration instead, please use
the url to activate it and cancel the previous registration.

Best regards,
Surveilstar Support Team

Solution 2
You can ask a Regcode/PID from Surveilstar Support Team or ask them manually register for you. In this solution, you have to make sure that you do not deploy the Surveilstar server on more than 1 computer. Or the identity codes are confused and you need to confirm which server pc you want to use in the future.

2. Error Code 5- Accesses denied/Fail to to register.
Most probable reason- The same SN has been reloaded more than once.
Every server corresponds only 1 identity code (Computer ID) in the Surveilstar Inc. database. So, repeated registrations would confuse the background and make the activation code be unrecognizable. For this registration issue, you can ask report your original computer ID which you want to use Surveilstar with and get a RegCode/PID.

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How to Start a Surveilstar Trial?

Starting a Surveilstar trial to realize a complete computer monitoring requires correct deployment of the software. Please follow the directions below to begin.


1. Disable all anti-virus software, firewalls, security protecting software (or something like that). Because those may affect the installation of Surveilstar. But Surveilstar will not do harm to your computers, so just rest your heart while installing. Well, this is just an option, not a must choice.

2. Make sure that your computer(monitoring computer) and your staffs’/kids’ computers do meet the Surveilstar system requirements. More details about this can be found here-

3. If you are using Win 7 64bit, you may need Surveilstar latest version which may have fixed some bugs of the last versions and better support Win 7 64 bit computers. If you want the lastest Surveilstar, please download it here.

Or if you have installed Surveilstar older versions on your computers, you may just try the latest upgrade package for uploading yours to the new version.

4. Make sure that all the computers are in the same LAN. If not, send email to for a latest document on how to deploy Surveilstar across networks.

How To

1. For you own computer, here is what you need do.

Install server and console. You computer is used to monitor your staffs’ computers and collect monitoring data. Please remember that you only need to open the computer with the server when you are out. So, if you do not want to open your personal computer, you have to install the server in a separate computer.

While installing, do not choose “install agent…” option.

2. Find the services in your task bar. The Surveilstar service controller and the SQL server service are exactly the Surveilstar “server”.

3. Generate agents for computers you need to monitor.

Start> All Programs> Surveilstar> Agent Installation Generator. Use it to generate agents, input your computer name/IP address in the first line. Then follow the directions in the user manual to make sure the generate-agents is correct.

Copy the generated agent installation programs and paste them to your staffs’ computers. Then install them and restart all computers after installations.

4. Come to your own computer and open your Surveilstar V3 console (which is only in your computer, it is more like a controller for you to see what the staffs are doing) .

Please note- for your first log in, just use name “admin” and set the default password blank. Meanwhile, you have to close your staffs’ anti-virus software or something like that too.

Then you will see the agent computers on your console. You could see screenshots and monitor websites browsing, email connections…

5. Register the software and the detailed steps can be found here.

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What should be Noted before Using Surveilstar?

Hi, let me explain the working theory of Surveilstar monitoring software first. The Software is comprised of Server, Console and Agent.  Well, agents are installed on the computers you want to keep an eye on.  Server will invisibly collect all data from the agents. It is a special part of the software which can be installed separately or on the same computer as the console. Please also note that you may have to leave this server computer open when you are out. So it can automatically collect and store agents’ data for you to watch when you come back.  Meanwhile, you sill need a console on your own computer to view the monitoring results . It also enables you to remotely control those monitored computers. Well, if you need more than 1 console for people with different management levels, like you can view & control pcs yourself, senior managers will only view data without the privilege to remove an agent from a particular user or something like that.  So, are we clear? Agents + Server + Console/Consoles, or Agents + Server & Console (+ Consoles, would be available). By the way, you may be wondering if you could set a console on a Mac. The answer is “YES”! You can install only console on your Mac and connect it to the server via LAN or something. We say Surveilstar is a Windows-based computer, which just implies Surveilstar agents can not be placed on Mac and you will not be able to monitor Macs with Surveilstar. But of course you can monitor Windows computers on a Mac.

OK, here are things to be noted before using Surveilstar to monitor employee/ computers/kids/… 1. System Requirements- Make sure your computers fit the following system requirements.

OS Basic Recommended
Database - MSDE SP4 / SQL Server 2005 Express SQL Server 2000 SP4 or above / SQL Server 2005 SP1 or above
Server Win2000 SP4/XP SP2/2003 SP1/Vista/7/8/2008 Pentium III 500/256MB 10GB Hard disk space Pentium 4 2G/512MB 50GB Hard disk space
Console Win2000 SP4/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/2008 Pentium 166/64MB 10MB Hard disk space Pentium III 1G/256MB 100MB Hard disk space
Agent Win Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/2008 Pentium 166/64MB 10MB Hard disk space Pentium III 500/128MB Hard disk space

2. LAN Or Not- Make sure all computers are in the same LAN. If not, you may need to extra network deployments on the non-LAN computers. 3. Windows System Security Level- Do not use high Windows security level computer to monitor low ones. Like using a Windows XP 32 bit computer to monitor Windows 7 64 bit computer, the monitoring may fail.  4. Disable Firewalls & Anti-virus Software- If possible, close firewalls and anti-virus software while running the installation programs. Anyway, most anti-virus software will not report the relevant software component according to Surveilstar regular testing results. But if they report Surveilstar, you can also add Surveilstar components into their white list (exception list).  FYI. Generally speaking, a “White list” is like an exceptional list of an anti-virus software. It makes the anti-virus software skip the scanning of the exceptional software while running a virus check. Typically, such an add can be referred via the anti-virus software user manual. Since I do not know your anti-virus version, it may be Norton, AVG, Chinese 360… I can only be able to tell you that the processes of Surveilstar “winrdlv3.exe” should be added to “white list”. Besides, “wmiprvse.exe” may need to be added in some cases. Also, to make things alright, you could also check the anti-virus logs and find out it has scanned while you run Surveilstar. Add those scanned processes to white list too. 5.Restart Computers- Restart all pcs after installations.

For Agents, 1. Correctly Generated Agents- Make sure the agents are correctly generatedby the “Surveilstar agent generator”. If IP are dynamically assigned, you may need to package the IP while generating.   2. Not With Mac- Agents can not be installed on Macs.

For Server, 1. Storage Capacity- The default SQL server embedded in Surveilstar has only 2 GB storage capacity. If you are looking for more, please download higher versions of SQL server.  2. Data Cleanup- By default, Surveilstar will automatically remove data stored over 30 days (or 90 days). But I will strongly recommend you to set it on your own- Login console, click “Tools” on the menu>”Options”>”Data Cleanup”.

For testing Why Surveilstar Agent Can Not Connect To Server,

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Are You Being Watched? Why companies implement monitoring software.

The number of companies using monitoring software and equipment is increasing. Many employees including telecommuters may not even be aware they are being monitored.

  • Productivity – lowers when employees spend time on the Internet with non work-related activities. Employers do not want productivity levels to decrease and must find methods of preventing this.
  • Litigation prevention – lawsuits that may result from the release of confidential information.
  • Prevent Sexual Harassment suits – employees visiting pornography or sending/forwarding emails with pornographic content can constitute sexual harassment.
  • Verifying work location of employees.

Software programs installed on systems that can monitor Internet usage, web sites visited, emails sent and what reports or programs an employee is viewing. Keystrokes and inactive terminals can also be monitored.

Telephone calls – personal calls are not allowed to be monitored in the US – employer must make a no personal phone call on company time policy.

Numbers dialed from your extension and the length of the call can be recorded. Some systems are even capable of recording incoming calls if they were dialled direct to your phone.

There are also programs that map locations of mobile workers through their cell phones or laptops. Companies use this to check that mobile workers are where where they are supposed to be.

Latest Developments


Any computer system or PDA that is owned by the company or phone system in their control can be monitored. If it belongs to the company then they do have the right to control and monitor the usage of said property.

As a mobile worker you may wonder what impact this may have on you. If you own your own computer equipment it is not likely the company can install monitoring software, nor would they be within their rights to do so. If you have your phone set up to receive incoming calls through their phone system or you connect to their phone system to make outgoing calls, then you may be subject to the calls being monitored. This is one reason why a second phone line for business use only is a good idea. Don’t make the phone number for the second phone line public or available to anyone outside work.

If you use company equipment, that then is a different story and they may have monitoring software installed before you get the equipment home. If you are also allowed to use the computer after hours for non-work related surfing, then you need to find out if the company can “turn off” the monitoring software.

Companies should get legal advice before automatically making the decision to monitor mobile workers. While it is clear that work done onsite can be monitored, it is a grey area where mobile workers are concerned.

Want to try an employee monitoring software now? Try Surveilstar!

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How to Monitor Employee Performance

Great employee performance is a key to your business’s success. Employees are the first line of many businesses’ offense and their performance makes a direct impression on your customers. Customers are the primary source of your business’s income and normally factor their overall experience at your establishment into whether they may return or become a regular customer. This is why monitoring your employee’s performance is invaluable.


    • 1

      Plan employee’s job tasks in advance. This gives the employee both direction and an overall idea of the performance standards you expect her to meet.

    • 2

      Consistently supervise and evaluate your employee’s performance. Provide feedback by administering monthly or annual progress reviews and give positive suggestions to better help her strengthen her performance.

    • 3

      Administer monthly or annual trainings to your employee that focus on improving positive work flow, time management, and introducing new skills and responsibilities. This keeps your employee(s) versatile and able to adapt to new working conditions quicker.

    • 4

      Identify your best employee and use her as a model for current and future employees. Identifying your best employee validates your expectations for employee performance and serves as proof that your expectations are realistic and reasonable.

    • 5

      Reward your employee. Rewarding your employee makes her feel appreciated and gives her a sense of value. Rewarding your employee also gives her motivation to keep up her level of performance.

2.  Try Surveilstar Employee Monitoring Software to realize your real-time, remote control on employees’ computers. Adjust your employee policy according to your monitoring results. Scheduling a training for the,, planning a travel to relax or just a simple talk based on his/her working performance would be great.

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