Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Monitoring Software

Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Monitoring Software

Record, control, filter and block kids’ any online P2P file sharing from Bittorrent, Limeware, Shareaza, Kazaa, iMesh, eMule, BitComet, and more.

Children are immature to distinguish what are right for them when using Peer-to-Peer program, the use of file-sharing programs may inadvertently let others copy private files you never intended to share such as family photos, personal information, and private documents. However, children may unintentionally share these files online via Peer-to-Peer program, besides, children may also unwittingly download a virus, spyware, pornography. And since children have curious minds, mislabeled files which can conceal malicious content or inconsistent with the file name would draw children’s attention, misleading them to make the wrong judgment. As parents, you shall be guides on their journey. Consequently, a good idea goes to using anti-virus and Peer-to-Peer program Parental Control to ensure a healthy environment for your children.

Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Monitoring Software

Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Monitoring Software

Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Parental Control is the best choice to help you record, control, filter and block certain content when your children are engaged in online file-sharing. Children cannot understand the security and other risks involved with file-sharing, facing the risks of family computer getting hacked by online hackers and lawsuits. By using Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Parental Control, parents can easily monitor children’s file-sharing activities online, after installing Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Parental Control, parents are able to locate and check the downloaded files to protect children and ensure family privacy, and computer security.

Is Your Child At Risk Right on Internet Now?

P2P or Peer-to-Peer program starts to prevail in recent years. Children exchange games, videos, music, pornography, or other material that may be inappropriate for them. What is so interesting of file-sharing online? Parents should try to communicate with their children and guide them in the right directions. Children might be at risks if they have following traits:

1. Spending much time online than ever and still wide awake at night

2. Behaviors turn to be tricky and fishy, less communication with parents.

3. Irregular diet time, fond of eating snacks in his/her own bedroom

4. Academic performance degrades, take no interest in studying

5. Physical conditions under average level, doing fewer sports

Positive Steps to Control How Children Use Peer-to-Peer program

Communicate with them – Talk with them regularly, learning what websites they like to visit, what their favorite topics are, and check the websites visited of the internet browser with Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Parental Control.

Block certain Peer-to-Peer programs – Filter, restrict or block certain Peer-to-Peer programs with unhealthy and inappropriate contents. Using Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Parental Control will help you control and monitor Peer-to-Peer programs via different policies.

Monitor your children’s file-sharing lists – Make sure you have access your children’s file-sharing lists. File-sharing lists will record what files they have shared. Effective Internet Monitoring programs like Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Parental Control will help you do this.

Move the computer to parent’s room or a public room – Children may not dare to download inappropriate files out of his/her own bedroom, and parents can easily control the online time for children.

Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Parental Control – Best Peer-to-Peer program Monitoring Software

Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Parental Control is your fastest and easiest solution to safeguard your children’s file-sharing activities online, family privacy and home security. With improved features and functionality, Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Parental Control offers total control over your children’s Peer-to-Peer program usage. Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Parental Control records entire system activities, windows snapshots, clipboards, chat logs, websites visited, composed emails, applications accessed, and etc.

Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Parental Control is much more than the best-rated Parental Controls solution. It is loaded and preloaded with many optional benefits and features that improve the security and the quality of the Internet your children see. Installing Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Parental Control on your computer is customizing the Internet, by child, the way you want your kids to experience and use it.

Features That Make Free Peer to Peer File Sharing Program Parental Control Unique

1. Record, control, filter and block kids’ any online P2P file sharing
2. Run in an invisible and stealthy mode.
3. Take screen snapshots in real-time and watch the screenshots in video-style playback.
4. Record the date and time an email was sent or received, the subject, the contents and any attachments.
5. Blocking access to dangerous and inappropriate web sites.
6. Record all the visited websites, URLs, captions, users, and computers to estimate users’ browsing activity.
7. Block IM Chats IM outgoing files with specific application names.
8. See the complete dialog of your child’s chat conversations on Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, AIM and MSN.

9. Easy to use and install which do not demand a degree in Computer Science to configure and operate.

10. 30 days free trial and free customer service.

SurveilStar Any Parental Control – Excellent Firefox Private Browsing Parental Control

What is Firefox Private Browsing?

As you browse the web, Firefox helpfully remembers lots of information for you – sites you’ve visited, files you’ve downloaded and more. However, there may be times when you don’t want other users of your computer to see this information. For example, if you share a computer with someone and have been shopping for their birthday present.

Private Browsing allows you to browse the Internet without saving any information about which sites and pages you’ve visited. Here the following will give you step-by-step instructions for using it.

How to Turn on/off Private Browsing?

To start a Private Browsing session:

1. At the top of the Firefox window, click the Firefox menu (Tools menu in Windows XP), and select Start Private Browsing.

2. When you turn on Private Browsing, Firefox will alert you that it will save your current windows and tabs for after you finish using Private Browsing. Click on Start Private Browsing to continue.

3. You will then enter Private Browsing mode, and the Private Browsing information screen will appear. When browsing in Private Browsing mode, the Firefox menu will be purple (for Windows XP the window title will say (Private Browsing) instead) during your session.

To end a Private Browsing session:

1. At the top of the Firefox window, click the Firefox menu (Tools menu in Windows XP), and select Stop Private Browsing.

2. The windows and tabs you were using when you enabled Private Browsing will appear, and you can use Firefox normally. The Firefox menu will turn orange again (for Windows XP the Firefox window title will no longer say (Private Browsing)) when Private Browsing is off.

Internet Dangers for Children that Parents Should Know

The Internet is a tool that can be used for good and evil. The Internet Dangers section highlights the primary dangers to kids online with specific focus on the sexual exploitation of children.

Children are much more susceptible to the power of suggestion, and quite often website content does not even need to be particularly suggestive. There is a multitude of sites offering adult or inappropriate content. There are sites that advocate drinking, taking drugs and smoking.

There are even sites that describe how to make bombs out of household items. To some children, the thought of making a bomb is more fun than it is dangerous. Apart from this, there are the obvious and very well documented dangers of online paedophiles that try to trick our children into meeting them face-to-face without the protection of their parents or anyone else.

Firefox Private Browsing Parental Control – Safeguard Children from Online Dangers

The Internet is a wonderful resource for personal and business use but there is a bad side to it. What can you do to help protect your children? You should get some sort of filtering software installed on Kids’ computer. Here Firefox Private Browsing Parental Control is an excellent parental control which helps parents to monitor and control kids’ online activities by filtering web sites, recording Email sent and received, IM chats, websites visited, taking screenshot in real-time. Here the following is the main features of this Firefox Private Browsing Parental Control :

Take Screen Snapshots

Watch real-time screen to monitor what they your children are doing, multi-screen monitoring is available. Or simply record their screen snapshots and view the screen history whenever you are free.

Email Monitoring

Record all emails sent and received with details, support web mail, email clients, Lotus and Exchange. Allow or block outgoing emails with filtering email address, subject, domain, attachment and email size.

Instant Message Monitoring

Record all instant messages sent and received by MSN/Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, QQ, ICQ, etc. Control sending IM files by name, and size. Backup sent IM files.

Website Visit Monitoring

Record all visited websites with HTML tile and URL. Support IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and many more browsers. And this Firefox Private Browsing Parental Control also can be used in many browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and etc.

How to Keep Kids a Safer Gaming on Android

Video Games and Attention Problems

Video gaming (playing video games) has become a popular activity for people of all ages. Many children and adolescents spend large amounts of time playing them. Video gaming is a multibillion-dollar industry – bringing in more money than movies and DVDs. Video games have become very sophisticated and realistic. Some games connect to the Internet, which can allow children and adolescents to play online with unknown adults and peers.

Children and adolescents can become overly involved and even obsessed with video games. Spending large amounts of time playing these games can create problems and lead to:

q4 poor social skills

q4 time away from family time, school-work, and other hobbies

q4 lower grades and reading less

q4 exercising less, and becoming overweight

q4 aggressive thoughts and behaviors

Tip For Parents to Provide Kids Safer Video Gaming

Parents can help their children enjoy these games and avoid problems by:

q4 checking the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings to learn about the game’s content.

q4 selecting appropriate games—both in content and level of development.

q4 playing video games with their children to experience the game’s content.

q4 setting clear rules about game content and playing time, both in and outside of your home.

q4 strongly warning children about potential serious dangers of Internet contacts and relationships while playing games online.

q4 set down strict gaming and internet rules. Monitor the sites your child uses and learn how to use Android Video Game Parental Control to keep kids safe from video game.

Android Video Game Parental Control

If parents are concerned that their child is spending too much time playing video games or appears preoccupied or obsessed with aggressive or violent video games, they should first set some limits (for example – playing the games for one hour after all homework is done) and try to encourage the child to participate in other activities.

If there is continued concern about their child’s behavior or the effects of video games, Android Video Game Parental Control is a necessary software for parents to install on kids’ computer to parental control them from video games. With this Android Video Game Parental Control, parents can know who your kids play with, how and when they play, and for how much time. Using Android Video Game Parental Control to ensure a fun, secure, and appropriate gaming experience for your kids.

You can learn more cool features about this program from:

SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor — Monitor Instant Messaging

Are your employees spending too much time on chatting when working?Here SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor can remotely monitor Instant Messenger chats and automatically record chattings on ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, Skype, and Google Talk.

What is Instant Messenger

Instant Message Monitoring Software

Instant messaging is real-time communication. It’s a blend of e-mail and chat (since you send one to someone and get real-time communication), but better. It’s also fast eclipsing e-mail as the most popular Internet communication tool. Instant messaging is much faster than the other ways of internet messaging like e-mails and proffers instant gratification to the user. Nowadays, instant messaging is a popular way of social interactions. Answering e-mails is time-consuming and it does not indicate whether the person you want to communicate with, is online or not. Instant messaging not only saves time and money, but also enables faster messaging and also maintains the natural flow of conversation. Instant messaging is one of the best ways available on the internet, for staying in touch with relatives and friends.

Keep an Eye on Employees’ Online Activity

  • Are employees killing time on chatting?
  • What employees are chatting?
  • How much time have employees spent on chatting?
  • As a manager, you have to keep yourself informed of what employees are doing on the internet, do they express any opinion about you and the company for a better management or they even say something bad about the company. Start to know more about your employees by using Any Employee Monitor.

Instant Messaging Monitoring Software — Keep yourself informed

Instant Messaging Monitoring Software

The benefits of IMs are many. With this tool you can chat and communicate with anybody anywhere for free. Some Internet messengers even give you the option to call, if you have a microphone and speaker, or see the person you are calling or chatting with real-time, if you have a web cam. However, these advanced features and functions may lead to inefficient outcomes for a company, since employees might take advantage of your absence and chating on line. Any Employee Monitor help to keep you informed of what employee did while you were away, recording chattings, online activities and etc.

SurveilStar Instant Messaging Monitoring Software features:

* Monitoring and recording the activities of instant messenger such as MSN, ICQ and etc. remotely.

* Easy to use, quick live support.

* Hidden to user, Undetectable to anti-virus and anti-spyware.

* Recording Facebook/MySpace activity.

* Monitoring internet usage with detailed reports.

* Presenting a statistic on pages visited, time and length of visit, the application usage.

* Take screen snapshots in real time.

* Monitor and record sent & received email.

* Monitor the websites visited and block the unwanted websites.

* Much more features…

SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor is the Best Instant Messaging Monitoring Software for parents to monitor and record IM chats such as Skype, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, and Google Talk etc.

quoteSurveilStar any employee monitor is such a wonderful program. I love it!