Help Kids Use Wireless Device More Safely

Tips for Parents and Guardians

1. Set appropriate ground rules for your children’s use of wireless devices. Decide who they may communicate with and how they may use these devices.

2. Monitor your wireless bill to keep track of the amount of time and time of the day or night your children spend using these devices, and with whom they communicate. Pay attention to numbers or messages from people you do not recognize or have not approved.

3. Teach your children to tell you if anyone sends them a threatening or frightening message. Also teach them how to block unwanted calls and messages. If your children are being stalked, harassed, or threatened in any way, report the incident to your service provider and local law-enforcement agency. If the material is lewd, obscene, or illegal also report it to the National Center for Missing & Exploited.

4. Remind your children messages may be intercepted or used by others. Teach them to use appropriate language in their messages and not to reveal personal or identifying information. Explain to them the potential consequences of sending sexually explicit or provocative images of themselves or others.

5. Know your children’s passwords and assist them in setting up their account. Think about setting controls to block calls from numbers you have not approved.

6. Consider creating settings to control or prohibit access to the Internet, e-mail, and messaging through your children’s wireless devices. Also consider disabling the wireless device’s camera feature. A global-positioning system (GPS) option, if offered by your service provider, could be used to help locate your children if they become lost.

7. Monitor your children’s wireless use just as you do their online computer use. Keep the lines of communication open with your children so they will be more likely to tell you if they have concerns about someone contacting them or information they have received.

In addition, a powerful and multi-functional Mobile Phone Parental Control Software would help more to protect your children from online predator, cyberbullying and other online risks.

Do you need the ability to filter, block and monitor every aspect of how your child uses their Windows Mobile? If yes, then SurveilStar Mobile Phone Parental Control software is ideal for you. Install this small program onto your child’s compatible Mobile Phone to begin recording. After the software is installed, you can setup specific restrictions for instant Message, websites, application, etc. The internet monitoring software can also record all your kids’ online activities.

With SurveilStar Mobile Phone Parental Control Software, you can:

Take screen snapshots in real-time and watch the screenshots in video-style playback

Record the date and time, contents, subject and any attachments of the email sent or received

Record all the visited websites, URLs, captions, users, and computers to estimate users’ browsing activity

Block IM Chats IM outgoing files with specific application names

Run in stealth mode that would not be known by your kids

Remotely monitor and control kids’ online behavior even though you are not around

Easy to use and install which do not demand a degree in Computer Science to configure and operate

Social Networking Monitoring Software — Tips for Kids on Social Networking

Tips for Teens on Social Networking Sites

For protecting kids from online dangers in social networking sites, here the following are tips for teens on social networking sites.

q4 Think about how different sites work before deciding to join a site. Some sites will allow only a defined community of users to access posted content; others allow anyone and everyone to view postings.
q4 Think about keeping some control over the information you post. Consider restricting access to your page to a select group of people, for example, your friends from school, your club, your team, your community groups, or your family.
q4 Keep your information to yourself. Don’t post your full name, Social Security number, address, phone number, or bank and credit card account numbers — and don’t post other people’s information, either. Be cautious about posting information that could be used to identify you or locate you offline. This could include the name of your school, sports team, clubs, and where you work or hang out.
q4 Consider not posting your photo. It can be altered and broadcast in ways you may not be happy about. If you do post one, ask yourself whether it’s one your mom would display in the living room.
q4 Flirting with strangers online could have serious consequences. Because some people lie about who they really are, you never really know who you’re dealing with.
q4 Be wary if a new online friend wants to meet you in person. Before you decide to meet someone, do your research: Ask whether any of your friends know the person, and see what background you can dig up through online search engines. If you decide to meet them, be smart about it: Meet in a public place, during the day, with friends you trust. Tell an adult or a responsible sibling where you’re going, and when you expect to be back.
q4 Trust your gut if you have suspicions. If you feel threatened by someone or uncomfortable because of something online, tell an adult you trust and report it to the police and the social networking site. You could end up preventing someone else from becoming a victim.

Social Networking Monitoring Software — Surveilstar Any Parental Control

As parents we all have a strong desire to protect our children, especially when it comes to the Internet. Social networking continues to grow in popularity and children are attracted to it because it’s a great way to interact with their friends and to make new friends. However, social networking sites also exist potential dangers such as identity theft and online predators.

Parents can not watch kids all the time while they are surfing on Internet. So it is necessary to install parental control software to make sure kids’ online safety. SurveilStar Social Networking Monitoring Software can monitor kids’ online activities on social networking sites and their chatting messages. This Social Networking Monitoring Software also have the following features:

q4 Take Screenshot in Real-time

q4 Monitor and Record All Websites Visited

q4 Block In Appropriate or Unwanted Websites

q4 Monitor All Sent & Received Emails

q4 Password Protection to Make Sure You Are the Only Authorized Person

q4 More Cool Features…

Monitor Kids’ Online Activities in Internet Explorer

Let’s face it, the Internet can be a great place for learning and interacting with friends, but it is also a wild place with lots of content that can be unsuitable for kids. And of course, as parents, this raises legitimate concerns for cyber bullying, sexting, and other inappropriate or potentially unsafe behavior our kids might – unwittingly – exhibit while using their electronic gadgets and computers. But it is impossible for parents to forbid kids do not use computers. So how to provide a safe and clear Internet environment for kids? For Internet Explorer users, parents can use the Parental Controls on Internet Explorer. Here the following is a brief guide.

Here the following is on how to use the Parental Controls on Internet Explorer

1. Go to Internet Explorer on your computer. Click on “Tools” from the toolbar in the upper right-hand corner of the Web browser.

2. Select the ‘Content’ tab and then Find the ‘Content Advisor’ heading and click on the button labeled “Enable“.

3. Choose a category from the list. Click on the category you want to control. Then use your mouse to move the slider below the list to set the degree of restriction you want on that type of site. the degree of restriction can range from no restriction at all to the complete blocking of those sorts of sites. Then click OK.

4. Set a password. You will be prompted to do so at this point. Setting a password will ensure that no one but you is able to adjust the parental control settings.

Besides using parental controls on Internet Explorer, for protecting kids in a better way, parents can install a professional SurveilStar Internet Explorer Parental Controls on your computer which has more powerful functions. With this professional Internet Explorer parental controls, parents can adjust according to what you do and do not want your children to be exposed to online.

For more cool features of SurveilStar Internet Explorer Parental Controls, you can view the following website:

Facebook Monitoring Software — Protect Kids Safe on Facebook

Facebook Monitoring Software can help parents monitor and record kids’ online activities on Facebook for protecting from online predators and cyber bullying.

Facebook is an Internet phenomenon that has exploded in popularity over the last year or so, particularly among the younger generation. It is a social networking site that allows individuals to post photos and updates, among a vast variety of other functions. Parents may be a little concerned about what sort of things their children are disclosing or being exposed to on Facebook, and may be interested to know how to monitor children on Facebook.

Parents with teens online will inevitably be faced with the question, “When is the right time to give my child access to Facebook, and how do I make sure they are using it safely and responsibly?”. As the largest social networking site with over 500 million active users, Facebook monitoring is very important for parents because their teen will likely connect with and meet potentially hundreds of “friends” online – many of them strangers they have never before met in real life.

Top Five Dangers of Facebook

  • Identity Theft
  • Blemished Reputation
  • Outrageous Spending
  • Sexual Content
  • Predator Activity
  • Addiction

Tips for Protecting Your Child On Facebook

  • Form Rules: Set up rules and consequences on Facebook with your kids.
  • Honest Conversation: Sit down with your kids and share with them the dangers Facebook presents. Don’t scare them, just make them aware of the risks.
  • Watch Closely: As your children are creating their profile, watch closely and make sure there is no personal information shared.
  • Be Their Friend: Create your own profile and become your kid’s friend.
  • Monitor Kids’ Online Activities: Install Facebook Monitoring Software to monitor kids’ online activities on Facebook.

How to Monitor Facebook Activity — Facebook Monitoring Software

Facebook and many other similar sites are addictive and very time consuming. It is very easy to spend hours on Facebook and really achieve nothing. Meanwhile, there are a lot of hidden dangers in these social net working sites such as online predators and cyber bullying. How to protect kids safe on social net working sites such as Facebook? Here SurveilStar Facebook Monitoring Software can help you to monitor your kids’ any activities on Facebook for protecting them.

Monitor Employees’ Computer Secretly and Invisibly with the Advanced Stealth Surveillance Technology

Do you need to know what your child is doing on the computer? Is your spouse cheating on you? Do you need to monitor what your employees are doing during work hours? Is someone tampering with your computer while you are away?

SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor Software is a Complete Invisible Monitoring Software that can both monitor your Local PC and Remote PC. SurveilStar Invisible Monitoring Software will capture and record all the user’s behaviors on the computer.

If you need to secretly monitor computer activities, SurveilStar is the most trustworthy stealth monitoring software available. SurveilStar is completely invisible. Once installed this parental control software, no trace of our monitoring software appears in the Registry, the Process List, the System Tray, the Task Manager, on the Desktop, or in Add/Remove Programs. There aren’t even visible files that can be seen!

We use the most advanced stealth surveillance technology available because SurveilStar was originally designed to meet the exacting requirements of internet safety for both home and business. All our activity monitor tools work invisibly, including the Email recorder, Website Blocker, Screenshots and more.

Whether you need to monitor an employee, a family member, or anyone else, you’ll be using the latest in invisibility technology with SurveilStar computer monitoring software.

Stealth Monitoring Features of the Invisible Computer Monitoring Software:

Invisible Screen Snapshots Monitoring

SurveilStar enables you to monitor your employees’/family members’ on-screen activities and know what they do with their computers in a completely invisible mode. Moreover, it also provides screen history viewing functions. By viewing screen history, you can easily obtain pure and impartial proof of any inappropriate and illegal operations.

Invisible Email Monitoring

SurveilStar runs completely invisibly allowing you to control the emails sending out of your corporation. It enables you to easily control outgoing emails by specifying sender, recipients, email subject, file name, type and size of attachment. SurveilStar supports invisibly recording webmail (e.g., hotmail, Yahoo! Mail). Administrator can make different policies to control all outgoing emails by specifying sender, recipient, email subject, has or do not have attachment, and how big the size of attachment are allowed to be sent out of the company.

Invisible Chat/IM Monitoring

SurveilStar enables you to secretly monitor chat/IM activity and record instant message history of agent computers. SurveilStar lets you know what your employees members are doing using IM applications, how long do they spend on personal chatting during office hours and how often do they chat.

Invisible Websites Visited Monitoring

SurveilStar is completely invisible to computer users, allowing administrators stealthily control and monitor employees’ web browsing behavior, know every web site they visit and what they do on each web site. Based on collected detailed log, web statistics and complete analysis report. System administrators can have a better understanding of users’ web browsing behavior. Such data could also be used as a reference for policy planning and management purposes; for instance, as an indication of which websites to be blocked or limited in order to increase work efficiency.

Track Browser History and websites visited

SurveilStar Browser History Tracking Software allows you to create logs and reports of all Web sites and individual Web pages visited by the computer user. Advanced logging mechanisms detect Web pages visited with any Web browser of any version including commonly used such as Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc. SurveilStar Browser History Tracking Software effectively records any web browser history including visited web pages, temporary files, cookies and web form information..

Why Track Browser History and Visited Websites?

Our students jump online as soon as they can, signing up for Facebook, MySpace accounts and to countless other sites unknown to us adults. And of course, as teachers, this raises legitimate concerns for cyberbullying, sexting, and other inappropriate or potentially unsafe behavior our kids might – unwittingly – exhibit while using their electronic gadgets and computers. For this reason, it’s extremely necessary to keep students online safety and track their browser history. Nevertheless, computer user can delete easily browser history to eliminate a list of visited web sites. SurveilStar Browser History Tracking Software has a sophisticated mechanism that allows you to recreate a history based on visited URLs and accurately generate a required report.

Key features of SurveilStar Browser History Tracking Software

SurveilStar Browser History Tracking Software is an ideal browser history tracking application to track browsing history on other computers. SurveilStar browser history tracking software will record any visited websites including visit time, computer name, user name, page caption and detailed URLs. SurveilStar browser history tracking software also comes with convenient search features which can help to track browsing history by time, user, URL and title. It doesn’t matter if any one deletes browser history on an agent computer. Once the pages are opened, SurveilStar browser history tracking software will record. Recording will always be earlier than deleting, thus, SurveilStar will help you track any browser history whether browsing history is kept or deleted on the target computer.

Track browser history and visited websites

• Track browser history in Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc.

• Record all the visited websites, URLs, captions, users, and computers to estimate users’ browsing activity

• Block users from visiting malicious, inappropriate and non-work related websites or web site categories during specified time range

• Allow users browsing certain websites or website categories during office hours

• Provide easy-to-use web browsing log enquiry

• Summarize and gather statistics on websites visited

• Gather statistics of users’ web surfing hours on different websites/website categories

• Provide intuitive and easy-to-read report in a pie char or bar chart.

• Provide top 10 visited websites report for administrators

• Take real-time screen snapshots, monitor remotely multi-computer screens, and review screen history to allows the teacher to quickly view each student’s screen

• Record both sent and received emails and webmails from Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook / Outlook Express, etc

• Record instant messages from AOL Chat, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook & Myspace Chat, etc

• Present a statistic on pages visited, time and length of visit, the application usage

• Provide the password to ensure that only authorized people have access to SurveilStar Network Monitor Software

• Backup data to server for further review. Save snapshot as PNG image format

• Search snapshot history by date (Start time/End time)

• More other fantastic features of SurveilStar Network Monitor Software Know more