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Application Categories

Application Categories divide different applicatiions into different classes according to actual need, providing human inspection techniques to categorize and maintain application categories to ensure real-time and easier management.

Application Categories Management

By default, all applications will be divided into two categories: unclassified and systems, which are all can't be deleted or renamed, and sub group can't be created. According to different requirements, IT manager or supervisor can easily sort applications into different classes for convenient management.

Systems: Applications associated with the operating system. In order to avoid serious problems, system related applications are alone in one group to separate from others and IT manager can move them to other categories.

Unclassified: All applications that are not match to any classification. IT manager can move them to other categories.

Click menu Categories > Application, then you will see a window as the picture below.

Application Categories


With all the categories on the left and detail information of specific class on the right, you can add, delete, find, move to and show properties if you need to better manage applications.

Add Application Categories: Add

Choose root directory of application categories and then click the icon or right-click and choose Add to create a new category and enter a name for it.

Choose certain category and add sub categories the same as above.

Delete Application Categories: Delete

If you want to delete specific category, sub category or certain application, click the icon or right-click on the item and then choose Delete.

Find Application Categories: Find

Click the icon to search a specific application and its category via any of these three attributes: name of the application, file name and description.

Property of Application : Property

Double-click a certain application or choose one and then click this icon, then you can get detailed application information about the application as the picture below.

Application property

Move to: Right-click on selected application or category and click Move To…, select target group and click OK. You can use SHIFT or CTRL key to move multiple applications or categories at one time.

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